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WordPress vs Jekyll

Paul Burt
February 17, 2016

WordPress vs Jekyll

From the 2/17 SFRails event!

Published on behalf of the creator, Mike Neumegen of CloudCannon.

Paul Burt

February 17, 2016

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  1. Mike Neumegen / CloudCannon - @mikeneumegen
    Wordpress vs Jekyll

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  2. Wordpress

    PHP based

    Builds pages on the fly

    Powers 75 million websites

    Ruby static site generator

    Builds a static site

    Powers at least over 650,000 sites. Probably millions.

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  3. The Site

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  4. Setup Developer Environment - Wordpress

    Install MAMP

    Download Wordpress

    Run the Installer

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  5. Setup Developer Environment - Jekyll
    jekyll serve
    gem install jekyll -v 2.4.0

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  6. Development - Wordpress

    index.php calls other templates to build the site

    content.php builds a page or list of blog posts

    Content is stored in a database

    18 template files

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  7. Development - Jekyll

    default.html contains basic HTML structure

    post.html defines the structure of blog posts

    Blog posts are markdown files

    Everything is static

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  8. Deployment - Wordpress

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  9. Deployment - Jekyll

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  10. Page Content Editing - Wordpress

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  11. Post Content Editing - Wordpress

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  12. Page Content Editing - Jekyll

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  13. Post Content Editing - Jekyll

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  14. Performance

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  15. The right tool for the job




    Development time


    User generated content

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  16. Static site source
    Jekyll Site source
    Wordpress theme source
    [email protected]

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