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Use the Right Tool

Use the Right Tool

A lot of companies use one framework and only one for their testing. Why do that, when headless browsers are such a beautiful compliment to the traditional approach?

Paul Burt

April 03, 2015

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  1. rainforest @rainforestqa Your QA options (Wait… there’s more than one?)

    Selenium = only way most people test apps. Bad for a lot of reasons. The most obvious is mobile.
  2. @rainforestqa rainforest Paul Burt QA Evangelist How did you get

    started in QA? What do you do at Rainforest?
  3. @rainforestqa rainforest #1: so, what is QA? The purpose of

    QA = discover unknowns. QA won’t fix quality issues, just Identifies.
  4. @rainforestqa rainforest #1.1 how I think about QA QA is

    not a solvable problem. Two main components: Exploratory + Regressions.
  5. @rainforestqa rainforest You can outsource, or hire a service. Save

    time by hiring more people. Scaling is hard. Try outside services.
  6. @rainforestqa rainforest #2.2 automation Customer service + PMs can help

    do manual. Not true w/ automation. Requires engineers.
  7. @rainforestqa rainforest The problem with automation Good thing ^ Saves

    Time. Only worth automating a test if it saves time.
  8. @rainforestqa rainforest Infrastructure + Solid Test Environments + Wrappers How

    to fix? Better test environments. Easy to say, hard to do in reality.
  9. @rainforestqa rainforest Inbetween manual & automation Great for flakey tests,

    or for prototyping new tests. Not so great at checking your Robots.txt file.
  10. @rainforestqa rainforest You will always need Regression testing Need more

    regressions? Use the right tool for the right job.