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Numbers need stories

Numbers need stories

Story telling is essential to making a Technical sale in SaaS. These are my experiences as a Math Teacher + what story telling in Math taught me about selling (usually) boring topics.

Slide Notes:
2) Rainforest is growing 20% month over month.
3) Stories connect all of us.
Your take aways: more compelling pitch, more memorable, and have more fun.
4) How many of you sell SaaS products?
How many of you sell a technical product?
How many of you try to upsell customers to annual contracts?
6) TO DO: Sell the boringness.
Read the formula front to back to make it really boring.
10) Who here plays video games?!
12) Metcalfe’s law (value of a network w/ n nodes = n^2)
BigO notation. algo w/ n inputs takes n^2 time.
13) I’ve taught you something new.
It’s relevant to you.
15) 50,000 testers in our crowd, hundreds online at any time.
Tests avg 40x faster run time as compared to manual.
16) Anyone can write tests in Rainforest.
We’re fast, stupid fast, from day one.
17) “the half-life of parallel techniques is very short, because hardware changes rapidly and each new machine needs a somewhat different approach.”
“I decided long ago to stick to what I know best. Other people understand parallel machines much better than I do; programmers should listen to them, not me, for guidance on how to deal with simultaneity.” — Donald Knuth
18) IronMQ is dashboard by default.
Elegantly scales.
Switching hosts is as easy as changing keys and switching off of SQS.

Paul Burt

June 04, 2015

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  1. rainforest @rainforestqa Creating stories: “How long does a regression take?”

    “How often do you deploy?” “How many devs are writing integration tests?”
  2. rainforest @rainforestqa Creating stories: “Problems scaling in the last year?”

    “Are you scared of relying on just one host?” “What’s your server utilization rate?”