Budgeting for your events, programmes & initiatives.

6cb261afbf26eef261eab5edb6618cc9?s=47 Kevin Lewis
September 11, 2019

Budgeting for your events, programmes & initiatives.


Kevin Lewis

September 11, 2019


  1. Budgeting for your events, programmes & initiatives. @_phzn Kevin Lewis

  2. The awkward intro bit • Support the GitHub Education Team

    with reviewing Campus Expert applications • Director of Underland Events • Previously Coach at Major League Hacking, Director at Rebel Labs and Developer Relations at Rewired State • Organised 100+ developer events
  3. The Fundraising Module.

  4. “We need swag to get people to attend.”

  5. + creating event budgets - how to get sponsorship

  6. Asking some questions

  7. Why do we gather?

  8. To learn new skills. To make new friendships. To win

    a competition. To get a job.
  9. Identify the reason that your audience are attending “Shared Struggle”

  10. Use this to make sure your event format is suitable

    and what success looks like.
  11. Do you NEED money? A venue. People. A reason.

  12. Creating a budget

  13. Step 1 Create a detailed and itemised list of everything

    you need to spend money on.
  14. Step 2 Tag critical items as ‘needs’, ’wants’ or ‘nice

    to haves’.
  15. Step 3 Create any variable budgets you need - attendance

    numbers are key to this step.
  16. Step 4 Get real-world quotes and amend your budget accordingly.

  17. Step 5 Make sure your budget is visible to your

    team and makes sense.
  18. Step 6 Note when items need to be paid for.

    Use this to prioritise.
  19. Step 7 Update, update, update.

  20. Step 8 Where was the delta?

  21. Creating your sponsorship prospectus

  22. Step n Use your budget to create realistic and manageable

    sponsorship prospectuses.
  23. Step n+1 Make sponsorship documents easy and manageable.

  24. Let’s look at some examples