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Hiring Great People: how we improved our recruiting process to build and grow a great agile team

Hiring Great People: how we improved our recruiting process to build and grow a great agile team

Getting the right people will help create a great team, and will let it grow healthy. Moreover, it will keep it rooted in your company culture, and sustaining that same culture in turn.
Nevertheless, too often recruiting is overlooked or completely delegated to HR or external recruiting agencies.

In this session I’ll share our experience in building our actual recruitment process, how we got to this recruitment workflow, what lessons we’ve learned and what are the key elements of a recruitment process. I’ll also examine some differences compared to a more “traditional” way of selecting and assessing people.

Pietro Di Bello

November 02, 2015

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  1. HIRING GREAT PEOPLE how we improved our recruiting process to

    build and grow a great agile team! beta
  2. PIETRO DI BELLO Agile Coach Señor Coder Love pizza and

    ice-creams Works at XPeppers in a great team! @pierodibello @xpeppers

    ORGANIZATION” Sean Landis - “Agile Hiring”
  4. don’t know what your hiring process is not involved in

    the hiring decisions involvement is irrelevant skill level of the teams is not where it should be new colleagues do not fit
  5. few new applications tons of applications, too many just out

    of target candidate doesn’t accept the offer your company doesn’t grow at all or is growing too damn fast
  6. SOURCING CANDIDATES a proper job description online job sites external

    recruiters social media sponsor events open-source projects university affiliations and internship programs How to make to good people apply? And BTW discourage the wrong candidate from applying? Techniques you’ll use to attract suitable candidates
  7. ASSESSING CANDIDATES review résumé testing skills in-person interviews and auditions

    take the decision Is this person the right one for our team and our company? This is where you get to know the candidate!
  8. ONBOARDING NEW EMPLOYEES bootcamp study path tutoring peer reviews How

    can the new employees reach a good level of proficiency and integration in the team in the shortest time possible? The first period of employment of a newcomers, from the first day on
  9. A MORE MATURE RECRUITMENT WORKFLOW 1. screen the résumé 2.

    phone interview 3. in-person interviews and audition 4. hire decision 5. make an offer
  10. OUR ACTUAL RECRUITMENT PROCESS… 1. screen the résumé 2. solve

    unattended test 3. in-person interview 4. audition 5. hire decision 6. make an offer
  11. METRICS METRICS EVERYWHERE Collect metrics from your recruitment board to

    improve your process. For example, in the résumé screening step you can measure: résumé quality: how many résumés are filter out? résumé filtering quality: how many résumés we accepted then fail to pass the next hiring step?
  12. …CULTURAL FIT “Cultural fit will trump all technical skills. Every

    time. It doesn’t matter how technically great a person is. If a candidate’s cultural preferences do not match your organization, that person will not fit.” ! Johanna Rothman, “Hiring Geeks That Fit”
  13. 1. Describe the workflow of your recruitment process: try visualizing

    all the steps and the flow of the candidates. Discuss with your team and your HR department. 2. What is working and what is not in your current recruitment process? Use the workflow diagram drawn in the previous exercise to highlight unrealized improvement opportunities 3. How the current recruitment process is supporting the growth of your team / your company? 4. How the current recruitment process is helping your team / your company become what it is still not?