Spitsgids presentation at the ITS Belgium congress

Spitsgids presentation at the ITS Belgium congress


Pieter Colpaert

October 06, 2016


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    Source: Rail4Brussels (2016) NUMBER OF PASSENGERS OVER TIME OF DAY

    Weekday Saturday Sunday Morning peak (6-9h) Evening peak (15-19h)
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    And now it’s our turn to publish Open Data Both

    real-time feedback as our predictions
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    User feedback weather Next step: challenging researchers to creating better

    predictions iRail query logs events open datasets
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    Thank you to our app builders Jan Cornelissen (Railer App

    - iPhone) Christophe Versieux (BeTrains - Android) and the iRail contributors
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    Let’s build a world where knowledge creates power for the

    many, not the few. @pietercolpaert https://hello.irail.be http://pieter.pm