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Transmodel as Linked Data: the first step

Transmodel as Linked Data: the first step

This deck was used to introduce the Transmodel standardization committee to Linked Data. The proposal was accepted and a pull request was opened to reserve an official namespace for Transmodel: https://github.com/perma-id/w3id.org/pull/1408

Pieter Colpaert

June 19, 2019

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  1. https://openplanner.team – Pieter Colpaert, imec Linked Transmodel CEN TC278WG3 2019-06-19

    The Transmodel domain model used within Linked Data technologies https://pietercolpaert.be
  2. https://openplanner.team – Pieter Colpaert, imec What’s Linked Data? The 2

    problems it helps solving in 4 slides
  3. name type city population Gare du Nord Station Paris 2.2m

    { "Gare du Nord" : { "type" : "Station", "city" : { "name": "Paris", "population":"2.2m" } } } <Garedunord> <type>Station</type> <city name="Paris"> <population> 2.2m </population> </city> <Garedunord> Table / CSV / Spreadsheet JSON XML Serialisations
  4. <Gare du Nord> <type> <Station> . <Garedunord> <city> <Paris> .

    <Paris> <population> “2.2m” . Table / CSV / Spreadsheet 3 time a datum Triples – Resource Description Framework (RDF 1.1) { "Gare du Nord" : { "type" : "Station", "city" : { "name": "Paris", "population":"2.2m" } } } <Garedunord> <type>Station</type> <city name="Paris"> <population> 2.2m </population> </city> <Garedunord> JSON XML name type city population Gare du Nord Station Paris 2.2m
  5. World Wide Web Garedunord city Paris Gare du Nord type

    Station Paris population 2.2m HTTP Machine 1 HTTP Machine 2 HTTP Machine 3 The Web: a decentralized data ecosystem A user agent visiting each machine knows more than any of the machines independently E.g., data.sncf.com E.g., transport.data.gouv.fr E.g., wikipedia.com
  6. Solution Gare du Nord → http://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q745942 is a → http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#type

    Station → http://vocab.gtfs.org/terms#Station Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)
  7. https://openplanner.team – Pieter Colpaert, imec 1. Describes how to express

    triples in different serializations (RDF) 2. Introduces global identifiers (HTTP URIs) for domain models and their instances Linked Data
  8. https://openplanner.team – Pieter Colpaert, imec Linked Data does not solve

    semantic interoperability Station → http://vocab.gtfs.org/terms#Station But also… • http://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q55488 (railway station) • https://schema.org/TrainStation • http://linkedgeodata.org/ontology/RailwayStation (from OSM) • … Transmodel?
  9. https://openplanner.team – Pieter Colpaert, imec Linked Data creates a framework

    to solve semantic interoperability <http://vocab.gtfs.org/terms#Station> <https://w3id.org/transmodel/terms#StopPlace> <http://linkedgeodata.org/ontology/RailwayStation> <https://schema.org/TrainStation> <http://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q55488>
  10. https://openplanner.team – Pieter Colpaert, imec Although that is already quite

    advanced… … Being able to rely on the semantics of one standard already comes a long way { "@context" : { "Station": "https://w3id.org/transmodel/terms#StopPlace", "name":"https://schema.org/name" }, "@id": "#GareDuNord", "@type": "Station", "name": "Gare du Nord" }
  11. https://openplanner.team – Pieter Colpaert, imec Why am I pitching this

    idea? 1. Threat of Transmodel “implementations” drifting semantics MMTIS delegated regulation: how to comply? 2. Opportunity for Transmodel to become a thriving standard in Linked Transport Data ⇒ Linked GTFS falls short of expressivity
  12. https://openplanner.team – Pieter Colpaert, imec https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=PI_COM:C(2017)3574 Machine-readable == RDF? Fully

    compatible == semantic shape validations? What’s fully compatible machine readable?
  13. https://openplanner.team – Pieter Colpaert, imec Proposed actions 1. Create a

    set of URIs on a Github repo (just like the NeTEx XSD): a. Action point 1: choose base URI. Proposal: “https://w3id.org/transmodel/terms#” b. Action point 2: create 1 on 1 mapping. Proposal: collaborate with the SNAP project they got funding for this: https://github.com/oeg-upm/transmodel-ontology) 2. A work item to create validation rules for “fully-compatible machine-readable formats” Further reading: https://book.validatingrdf.com/
  14. https://openplanner.team – Pieter Colpaert, imec Existing implementations related to today’s

    meeting • INSPIRE and Linked Data: https://github.com/inspire-eu-rdf • Datex2: http://vocab.datex.org/vocabulary.jsonld – Code example: https://codepen.io/pietercolpaert/pen/rdPYXQ • Wikidata has URIs and more information for stations world-wide: interesting link-set • DCAT-AP for the metadata in National Access Points
  15. https://openplanner.team – Pieter Colpaert, imec Invitation - Submit a paper

    to the Semantics for Transport workshop: https://sem4tra.linkeddata.es September 2019, Karlsruhe - W3C working group on Data Models for Transportation https://www.w3.org/auto/events/data-ws-2019/cfp September 2019, San Francisco