GraphQL vs. REST

GraphQL vs. REST

A presentation about trade-offs in Web APIs

GraphQL is a great tool for front-end developers who now can retrieve any kind of data in their application in the format they want. However, REST always promised us a better user-perceived performance, better interoperability, better scalability of the entire architecture, and so forth. Can GraphQL be designed in such a way that it follows the REST constraints?

In this presentation we advocate for the GraphQL query to be solved on the client-side, while a JavaScript framework dynamically checks the server for how the data fragments are structured through hypermedia. The presentation is not about GraphQL in specific, but more about thinking thoroughly about how you design your Web APIs to last. A final example is given that goes way beyond GraphQL: open world client-side querying for route planning.

Demos in this presentation


Interesting further read if you’re interested in GraphQL: “Linked Data Querying with GraphQL” GraphQL-LD

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Pieter Colpaert

September 27, 2019