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FAIR data symposium: how to automate data reuse in Mobility as a Service

FAIR data symposium: how to automate data reuse in Mobility as a Service

Research challenges in automating adoption of datasets in the mobility domain

Pieter Colpaert

May 24, 2019

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  1. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org Pieter Colpaert pietercolpaert.be FAIR data in Mobility as

    a Service
  2. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org What would convince you to give up your

  3. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org Mobility as a Service You pay for a

    journey, regardless of modes used Challenges (i) Legal and fiscal enablers, (ii) early market development, (iii) end-user awareness, … but also (iv) technical challenge: How do you calculate a route with all these possibilities?
  4. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org How should we publish transport data on the

  5. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org http://api.{transitcompany}/?from={A}&to={B} A web-service e.g., a plain old HTTP+JSON

  6. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org http://api.{transitcompany}/?from={A}&to={B} &departuretime=2019-05-23T13:45Z &wheelchairaccessible=true &transit_modes=plane,railway,bus,car &algoritm_mode=shortest ... Problem Needs

    to handle any request possible
  7. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org Linked Data Fragments GTFS data dump Route planning

    algorithms as a service ⇒ If we “tile” or “fragment” data dumps, we can maybe get the best from both worlds?
  8. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org PT data is a long list of connections

    * See Connection Scan Algorithm by Ben Strasser et al. time Squares are connections*: DepartureStop ArrivalStop DepartureTime ArrivalTime
  9. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org Page X Page ... Page 2 Page 1

    time next next When published in pages on the Web, route planning will need X requests instead of 1
  10. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org Everyone can set-up a custom route planner with

    this open data now … even in JavaScript from your browser... Try it yourself at https://linkedconnections.org
  11. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org CPU time on the server Linked Connections has

    a more lightweight interface Real world between these 2 values Average cache hit-rate of 78%
  12. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org Mutatis mutandis: roads Routable Tiles: fragmenting geospatial JSON-LD

    data in tiles P. Colpaert, B. Abelshausen, J. Rojas, H. Delva, and R. Verborgh, “Republishing Open Street Map’s roads as Linked Routable Tiles,” in Proceedings of the 16th ESWC: Posters and Demos, 2019.
  13. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org Mutatis mutandis: time series datasets Domain model: Linked

    Datex 2, hydra for hypermedia controls, Real-time and historic parking site availability
  14. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org Traffic lights as open data accessible from any

    browser Mutatis mutandis: time series datasets http://opentrafficlights.org
  15. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org Mutatus mutandis autocompletion: Tree Ontology

  16. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org How people experience cycle ways Published using Activity

    Streams in JSON-LD with a geojson frame
  17. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org Typescript SDK available at Planner.js.org

  18. pietercolpaert.be planner.js.org Research challenges in FAIR How to automate query

    answering? 1. Ecosystem research: who does what? 2. Design of hypermedia Web APIs 3. Scalability: automating intermediaries 4. UX: Smart ways to show incremental results Thanks! You can reach me here: