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Is Sticking to Your Tech Domain Enough?

Is Sticking to Your Tech Domain Enough?

When people first start engaging themselves in a certain field, they mainly focus on the technical skills behind it. In the case of programming, that would be knowing X programming languages, knowing a bit about Data Structures & Algorithms, Computer Science, Networking etc. etc. etc.

But what people rarely understand is that merely working hard is not enough to be great at what you do. There is a missing piece. And in this presentation, I am sharing that with the audience.

This presentation was part of the IT Career Day of Software University (https://softuni.bg/trainings/2202/mission-career-start).


Preslav Mihaylov

November 17, 2018

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  1. Is sticking to your tech domain enough? P. Mihaylov, Software

    University 2018
  2. how can I be a great dev?

  3. study, practice, commit, dedicate, grind…

  4. …work hard

  5. but there is a missing piece

  6. workx = great dev

  7. workx marketing= great dev

  8. wait

  9. marketing: really?

  10. marketing: value ➔ people

  11. marketing can make you

  12. marketing can break you

  13. types of devs

  14. talk work charlatan martyr hustler source: joeyroth.com

  15. ➔ how to marketing? presenting

  16. starting the journey…

  17. first things first

  18. have guts

  19. The only time a man can be brave is when

    he is afraid “ ” Ned Stark
  20. teach me something new

  21. massive action

  22. where do I find gigs? ________________ university/academy high schools small-venue

    dev events presentation groups/classes conferences
  23. remember

  24. workx marketing= great dev

  25. presenting ➔ marketing ➔

  26. have the right mindset ________________ guts action substance

  27. find the right opportunities…

  28. …and be a hustler. /preslavmihaylov blogging at pmihaylov.com preslav@pmihaylov.com