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Check In Document

E6668f7e8236edd235fdbff53d171b00?s=47 Paul M
June 07, 2021

Check In Document


Paul M

June 07, 2021


  1. Training & Professional Development Materials Date Review of progress to

    date – Paul Millerd This deck was used for a 30-minute check-in call on a client project where I developed a consulting skills training program. The goals were to 1. Review progress to date (slide 2) 2. Review feedback from test session (slide 3) 3. Confirm next steps (slide 4)
  2. Overview of progress We have completed and finalized the following

    modules ✓ Structured problem solving: MECE, Issue Trees Pyramid Principle ✓ Storytelling & Communication: Pyramid Principle, reasoning, direct vs. indirect communication, vertical & horizontal logic ✓ Research, Interviewing & Client Management: Types of research, research skills, CLIENT interview process, client interactions ✓ Feedback & Professional Development: Giving feedback, receiving feedback, CLIENT feedback processes ✓ Influencing, Strengths & Managing Up: Manager discussions, leveraging your strengths, communication styles Modules Completed
  3. Lunch & Learn Session 1 Feedback: Structured Problem Solving 8.6

    How valuable was the session? Not Valuable Incredibly Valuable What worked well? • Mix of independent and team exercises. Exercise after each concept. • I liked all of it • Format and group engagement • Hands on activities What could be improved • It was good to engage the group, but could make delivery a little more fun/exciting so people want to participate more. • Make it more translatable to CLIENT's workflows around DD • Tying the value of these concepts to our work - in particular to address the "is this relevant to diligence?" question. Make the session longer and include more examples and exercises based on real CLIENT engagements. • More group discussion into the rationale behind each break-out group’s decisions - I would be happy to discuss more in person for clarification Other comments • Exactly what we need for college hires • This will be a great session for our new hires this summer. • Thank you • Huge improvement on anything we have had in the past! • Super excited for the next session
  4. Next Steps – Any Questions? 1. Final lunch & learn

    “test” session: May 23rd or May 25th 2. To refine modules based on feedback from L&L sessions 3. Finalize content for intern training: Paul, X, & Y 4. Intern training: Paul to deliver consulting modules June 13,14,15,18th mornings 5. Refine & review content for full time hiring: Paul, X & Y 6. Full-time training: Jul 30,31,Aug 6-10 Next Steps