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June 30, 2021



Paul M

June 30, 2021



  2. CAMPAIGN EXPLANATION In second period of project we decided to

    invest more budget in Google Ads campaigns and use Social media just for remarketing on users who visit Strategyu website. We decided to remove India from targeting (low purchase power) and include countries which show more search and purchase potential such as US, Canada and Australia. Those countries has higher CPC then India so we decided to target them now when we inverst more budget in Google Ads. Google Ads: SEARCH ads - we use search text ads to target users who are searching for specific solution on google search network. Using data from first period, we decided to narrow keywords targeting to go more specificly, not to waste budget on too broad keywords. DISPLAY ads - we used display ads for remarketing. -we use display ads for target users intent on web (for example – users who show intent of buying course) Social Media We use Facebook and Instagram as a placement to target users who are:
  3. • Remarketing - users who interact with website but didnt

    make a purchase. Metrics by platforms: Facebook: • Budget invest: 462,45$ • Impressions: 478 249 • Clicks: 1491 Google: • Budget invest: 1447,38$ • Impress: 275 432 • Clicks: 10.067 Conversions metrics: • Course purchase – 14 • Template purchase – 10 • Subscribers – 3873 GENERAL: Budget invest: 1909,83$ Purchase: 14 (Course) + 10 (templates) = 24 purchase = +6.496,00$ + 3873 subscribers
  4. Further suggestions - Rise budget on Social Media and use

    Google Ads only for remarketing - With rise budget on social media we will target users who: o Subscribe o Show high intent of purchase o Users similar to high intent and purchase audience o Users 30 – 180 days back who show interests for stratergyu products - We will use best performing ads (videos and images) on social media for targeting segregate audience - Use Google Ads for remarketing (Search & Display) to target users who: o Visit our website and continue to search on Google Search network and trough the web. ***NOTICE We start our marketing at 16.3.2021. In this month and 14 days we get: 24 course purchase 18 template purchase +5715 subscribers Its too short period for bigger improvements, like we said we would need at least 3 months. But ok, we would just like to try one more month stratégy where we invest more in Social media. If is ok with you, we would like to start asap and then by the end of the May we will talk further.