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June 30, 2021



Paul M

June 30, 2021


  1. Understanding of The Problem Think Like A Strategy Consultant is

    an online course that has had some success in digital advertising. Working with GoGlobal, we want to work together to develop a customer conversion tracking system and to develop a long-term strategy for digital marketing. The project will be structured in two phases: Phase 1: Setting up tracking (COMPLETED) - Technical google tag manager, teachable Phase 2: A four-month testing period to test the following questions: At a high level the key questions we need to answer are: 1. Which ad strategy is the best? 2. Which demographics are the best to target through ads? 3. Which countries are the best possible countries to target? Our Current Understanding 1. Which ad strategy is the best? Facebook appears to be converting better than google, We still want to test video and see if we can improve e-mail marketing results since a lot of people are signing up for the email course. In three months period the strategy that seems the best is the current strategy which is: • using Facebook for acquisition of new users and remarketing to users who are already familiar with StrategyU brand through visual ads • using Google for search ads (keywords targeting + dynamic) and Google display ads for remarketing 2. Which demographics are the best to target through ads? Info on ages, profession, other details • The best audience is 25-44 years. More narrowly it’s 25-34 years old. • Gender: male prevail with around 60% purchases and woman takes 40%. Most of the buyers are in professions:
  2. • Technology business – software (productivity software), advertising & marketing

    services, web design, etc. • Financial business – financial services • More than 95% of purchases are made from desktop computer. 3. Which countries are the best possible countries to target? US, Canada and Australia are the best markets. India does not appear to work well with ads. More than 50% of purchases are made in USA and Australia. Canada comes into play with buying templates. Detailed Process Update We are currently in our third month of testing and thing that another 8 weeks of testing is appropriate with day-to-day updates. Completed: Month 1: Testing 50% Facebook / 50% Google This month focuses on India and the US. Since India is cheap to test it is worth using as a test to see if there is additional interest and to learn more about behavior Learnings: 1. Tests on the India market did not have positive results Next Steps: - Switch India with Australia - Move more budget to Google to test Google as a main platform Completed: Month 2: Focus more on Google This month is about focusing on google and shifting to testing US, Australia and Canada further. Learnings: 1. The click price went up 2. Slight improvement in purchases (not yet satisfying) 3. USA still number one option to focus on Next Steps: - Removed Australia and left only USA and Canada - Move more budget on Facebook to test Facebook as a main platform
  3. - Using google for remarketing (search and display) - target

    searching users who already visited StrategyU website ➔ Month 3: Focus More On Facebook After less effective results on google, we decided to shift to facebook to focus more on targeting initial customers via facebook ads and remarketing. Google will only be used for remarketing Learnings: 1. Currently best option for StrategyU shown by purchase data 2. We should not change the overall strategy for another 4 weeks – only do slight day- to-day updates 3. Even if we removed Australia as main targeting country in this month we got several purchases via remarketing which means we should include it again afterall. Next Steps: - Continue to work on current strategy with updates: possible lead campaigns - (update example – use “acquisition” campaign to collect leads (subscribers) directly on facebook and then/also use remarketing to target subscribers + high intent visitors Last period results: Sold courses – 20 Sold Templates – 4 Click on subscribe button – cca 3000 Spent – 1850 $ Overall List Of Learnings - Time to purchase is 8-9 days - USA is a primary country, while Australia is a secondary – both have higher CPC than for example India, meaning less traffic but more relevant users - Facebook better as first awareness, Facebook and Google are both good for remarketing; for Google search we need to wait for more data - Best audience is 25-44 years old and working in technology and finance
  4. - Awareness is best through Facebook and for the rest,

    it has to be combination of Google and Social Media Next Steps / Open Questions To Discuss - Want to test video ads (Paul to send 20 second video) - Want to continue to test facebook and other countries - Need to review at end of May to review next steps and ongoing working relationship - Using Facebook to create lead campaigns for subscribers - Uploading subscribers lists to platforms to create lookalike audience (for now we did this with buyers only, but it seems it’s still not a long enough list) - Test gender specific visuals - Example -