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Overview Deck

E6668f7e8236edd235fdbff53d171b00?s=47 Paul M
June 30, 2021

Overview Deck


Paul M

June 30, 2021


  1. Vivo Strategies Strategy Consulting Practice Overview 2019

  2. The Work I Am Drawn To I work with managers

    and leaders who want to “go deep,” create exceptional work and engage in a human- centered way
  3. Nice to meet you… 3 The Gist Paul has over

    ten years experience working as a strategy consultant to top global organizations and non-profits. His expertise is in organizational culture, strategy, talent development & operations. Superpowers A love for “sensemaking” of the big picture combined with a creative hands-on attitude to deliver unique solutions to clients Favorite Podcast EconTalk by Russ Roberts Paul Millerd Founder & Principal Consultant
  4. #1 Invest in relationships first and look to add value

    to other people #2 Be human - do what’s right, not always what makes sense on a spreadsheet #3 Stay humble, continue to learn and be willing to admit mistakes #4 Be willing to think different and challenge conventional wisdom or practice #5 Embrace the Charlie Chaplin quote: “a day without laughter is a day wasted” FIRM PRINCIPLES
  5. How We Work With Clients 5 • Hands-on consulting support

    and project management for strategic and organizational projects • Market research and strategic plan development • Coordination of creative freelancers (e.g. web design, graphic design, research, consultants) Project Execution • Partnership with senior leaders (e.g. CEO, CHRO, Founder) to identify opportunities for personal and business growth • Ongoing support around best practices, new ideas and leadership • Collaborative, hands-on and business- oriented approach Startup Advisory & Coaching • Review of company strategy and people strategy • Assessment of current culture, mission and values through review of materials, interviews and surveys • Identification of target state culture and gaps • Roadmap and action planning Talent & Culture Assessment • Development of content and facilitation of workshops for managers and front- line research & knowledge workers • Facilitation of existing training programs, including advisory on improving content • Review of training programs and strategy Training & Facilitation
  6. How We Work With Clients Embedded In Team Work on-site

    with your team 1-5 days per week Remote Work with you or your team remotely leveraging video and the latest technology Virtual Team I work closely with your team and also leverage a network of other highly skilled consultants and creative freelancers Coach / Advisor I partner with you as a coach and thought partner on strategic projects and ongoing initiatives
  7. End Product Examples Project Examples – 2017 - 2018 7

  8. Professional Services: Positioning, Culture & Strategy Developed brand storyline &

    branding template, articulated competitive positioning and defined internal culture for 50- person professional services firm through interviews, benchmarking and market assessment
  9. Professional Development & Facilitation 9 Consulting Skills Training Program For

    Mid-Sized Software Consulting Firm Facilitated in-person trainings for all consulting staff on: 1. Structured Problem Solving 2. Structure Communication 3. Persuasive Storytelling
  10. Website, Video Content, Layout & Design See site here =>
  11. Interactive Excel Tools

  12. Executive Presentation & Story Development

  13. Market Research & Insights: Digital Learning

  14. Appendix Detailed Bio & Past Consulting Project Experience 14

  15. 01 03 02 04 Project Execution – Good Jobs Institute

    • Worked closely with MIT Professor and Executive Director to refine mission, values & purpose and to create content, website, launch strategy and communications for the Good Jobs Institute • Worked closely with graphic designers, video editors and website developers to ensure high quality, consistent messaging and on-time delivery CEO Succession – US REIT • Developed criteria based on interviews with Board, C- Suite and review of overall company strategy • Developed framework for assessment that integrated experiential and leadership criteria and psychometrics • Assessed interviews results and developed Board- ready presentation with recommendations Top Team Effectiveness – Global CPG • Led project management for project working with global C-level executive team to increase alignment behaviors and practices on overall engagement with the Board • Worked closely with VP of Strategic Projects to develop recommendations for maximum buy-in • Benchmarked comparable Boards and behaviors Business Coaching – Family Office CEO • Worked with new CEO of family office to develop vision, mission and personal goals around business focus and values • Helped client define his unique strengths, team goals and refine business industries in which to invest Additional Project Examples
  16. Paul Millerd, Founder: Detailed Experience 10+ Years In Strategy, Operations

    & Talent Development Completed 25+ client projects working with $1B+ public and private company boards on Board Effectiveness, Top Team Effectiveness and CEO & Executive Succession. Helped launch advisory division in 2017 CEO Succession & Board Advisory – Russell Reynolds Research analyst for global operations practice supporting client teams, completing research & analysis, developing insights and practice materials and managing the practice with senior partner and practice manager Lean Operations & Strategy – McKinsey & Company As Knowledge Leader for the global transformation practice, helped to re-launch the practice, work with global project teams and developed articles and tools for BCG Perspectives working closely with senior Partners and practice experts Organizational Transformation – Boston Consulting Group a-connect is a contingent staffing firm for freelance strategy consultants Served multiple roles, including developing project plans for client projects, being staffed as a consultant on projects and leading talent and recruitment of freelance consultants for US market Future of Work & Talent – a-connect Paul Millerd Founder