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Engineer Friendly City Fukuoka Festival 2020

December 11, 2020

Engineer Friendly City Fukuoka Festival 2020


December 11, 2020

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  1. ΤϯδχΞϑϨϯυϦʔγςΟ෱ԬϑΣεςΟόϧ Career Development Background of pnsk 2008-2015(Nov.) at a Web

    Company 2015(Dec.)- at GitHub Back-end Engineer(Java) Engineer Manager etc. Enterprise Support Engineer in APAC
  2. ΤϯδχΞϑϨϯυϦʔγςΟ෱ԬϑΣεςΟόϧ Career Development A customer opens a ticket: • System

    failure • Bug report • Feature request • Questions: • Upgrading • Data Migration • Explain features • etc.
  3. ΤϯδχΞϑϨϯυϦʔγςΟ෱ԬϑΣεςΟόϧ Career Development To help our customers, we: • See

    if there’s an existing internal issue for the problem • Get logs from the customer and investigate • Attempt to reproduce the issue • Fix the bug • If appropriate, provide a temporary workaround
  4. ΤϯδχΞϑϨϯυϦʔγςΟ෱ԬϑΣεςΟόϧ Career Development “We are dedicated to building a community

    and team that reflects the world we live in and pushes the boundaries of software innovation.” https://github.com/about/diversity Making GitHub a place where everyone belongs