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Smart Citizen - Hardware and Software

September 30, 2014

Smart Citizen - Hardware and Software

An overview of the current software and hardware that runs the SmartCitizen project.


September 30, 2014

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  1. Internet connectivity RTC Data time tracking Mini Usb connector &EŻIV]'LEVKIV

    Solar Panel Charger Micro SD card storage Arduino IDE compatible TM
  2. Temperature ºC SHT21 Humidity % rel SHT21 Carbon Monoxide (CO)

    kOhm (ppm) MIC4514 Dioxide Nitrogen (NO2) kOhm (ppm) MIC4514 Noise dB Electret Mic Ambient light lux BH1730FVC
  3. Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Dioxide Nitrogen (NO2) kOhm (PPM) MIC4514

    http://files.manylabs.org/datasheets/ MICS-4514.pdf
  4. Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Dioxide Nitrogen (NO2) Based on our

    own tests we consider 75KΩ to be the default R0 for the CO sensors and 10KΩ to be the default R0 for NO2. We can calculate ppm as RS/R0. Example: RS = 641KΩ will around 8.3 PPM PPM = RS/R0