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Go for TUI on the web

Andy Barnov
November 11, 2020

Go for TUI on the web

Or "Backend is the new frontend". A story of a totally over-engineered personal website that uses a Go binary running in Docker container on a lightweight Kubernetes installation as a "frontend".

Andy Barnov

November 11, 2020

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  1. Andrey “Andy” Baranov
    Go for TUI on the web
    Backend is the new frontend
    Story of a totally over-engineered

    personal website

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  2. GUI TUI

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  3. Disclaimer: I’m not a true gopher
    (but a rubyist impostor)

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  4. Andrey “Andy”
    • From Soviet Russia
    • Non-STEM background (TV journalism)
    • Lived in 5 countries
    • In Berlin since 2019
    • SRE at Le Wagon 

    (Ruby, Rails, Kubernetes, code sandboxing)
    • Writer at Evil Martians https://evl.ms/blog

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  6. is hard
    • Building complex interactions
    requires a whole stack, separate
    from backend

    • “Full-stack” is a

    • Standards galore

    • Browser wars

    • Have you tried to build a form
    Modern frontend

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  7. • One programming language

    • Single binary

    • Reusable “widgets”

    • ANSI standard 

    (ECMA-48/ISO/IEC 6429) 

    haven’t changed since 1991

    • Ever heard of TTY wars?
    Remember this?

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  8. Can I have it…
    in a browser?

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  9. Challenge
    • No CSS/HTML/JS for UI

    • TTY in browser

    • Web app == terminal app

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  10. My frontend skills are rusty…
    So let’s just bring the full terminal to the frontend
    • Xterm.js — powers Terminal in VS Code, 

    Hyper, etc… Full support for ANSI

    • Svelte.js because I wanted to try out smth new

    • Parcel.js to bundle with zero config

    • 100 lines of full “frontend” code in one file,

    mostly to handle WebSocket connections

    • WebSocket messages are our STDIN/STDOUT

    • Send every keystroke as a binary message

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  12. What about
    the backend?

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  13. WebSocketing and PTYing
    • gorilla/websocket (no-brainer

    • creack/pty (a Go package for
    using unix pseudo-terminals)
    Enter Golang

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  14. as a secret sauce
    • Cool, so I can PTY and
    the hell out of a server. Or mine
    my crypto!

    • Not unless we can control the
    environment you PTY into

    • Alpine Linux!

    • No network

    • Limit resources

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  15. Run it!

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  16. entrypoint.sh
    inside user container

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  17. Implementing TUI

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  18. Gophers love devtools, right?
    And developers love terminals!

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  19. Go TUI libs

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  20. Inspiration: derailed/k9s

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  21. And the winners are…
    • German engineering!

    • Amazing API

    • Lots of widgets

    • Oliver, if you see this — I’ll buy you a !

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  22. https://bit.ly/38vVnZk

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  23. Deployment
    • DO $10 droplet

    • k3sup for a single-machine k8s

    with Traefik ingress

    • docker:stable-dind for sidecar

    (to run user sandbox)

    • 1 Go binary for HTTPS/WSS

    • 1 Go binary for TUI app

    • 2 Docker images

    • Survived Reddit

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  24. Thank you!

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