Control the Chaos - testing akka-based applications against persistence failures

Control the Chaos - testing akka-based applications against persistence failures

Akka doesn't guarantee message delivery, especially for remoting or persistent actors.

During this talk, you will learn how a very simple idea of how to test with minimal effort if your Akka application is resilient in case of persistence failures. Chaos testing is very broad and complex topic. If you would like to test your application against one specific point of failure, it may be too expensive to use standard chaos testing techniques. In case of persistence failures you will discover how to use "ChaosJournal" - journal that randomly fails.

You will explore a simple case study, practical advices, ideas and pitfalls. The talk will be about testing, not how to prevent loosing messages itself. Similar techniques may be used for testing against eg. remoting failures.


Piotr Śliwa

February 08, 2018