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Endless Hack

Endless Hack

Open talk at the GUADEC 2018 conference about Endless Code (now renamed Endless Hack).

Philip Chimento

July 08, 2018

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  1. Endless Code Philip Chimento (ptomato, @therealptomato) GUADEC — July 8,

  2. Once upon a time

  3. By Ruben de Rijcke, CC BY-SA 3.0, from Wikimedia Commons

  4. By Swtpc6800 Michael Holley, CC0, from Wikimedia Commons

  5. None
  6. On to Endless Code

  7. (Video)

  8. We're bringing it back

  9. Hub with activities

  10. Hub with activities Lesson Series

  11. Hub with activities Progress Achievements Badges etc. Lesson Series

  12. What's this got to do with GNOME?

  13. Endless + GNOME • As with Endless OS, we think

    that we have many of the same goals with this project as the GNOME community
  14. GNOME apps How can you make your application hackable and

    its complexity discoverable?
  15. • How did you start getting interested in coding? •

    What sparked your interest? • What challenges have you faced, so far? Share your experience
  16. https://goo.gl/forms/g5wEjqMMXgULLQMo1

  17. • Coding is hard! • Coding is boring • Where

    do I begin? • There are so many resources! • What can I do with it? • Need a mentor / guide / teacher Challenges in Learning to Code