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The Art Of Plugin Development

Ben Croker
September 27, 2018

The Art Of Plugin Development

A presentation about plugin development in Craft CMS given at the DotAll conference in 2018.

Ben Croker

September 27, 2018

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  6. } }

  7. Acknowledgements Pixel & Tonic – creators of Cra CMS JetBrains

    – makers of PhpStorm Alexander Makarov – core maintainer of Yii Ryan White – advice and guidance on presentation Ryan Irelan – training partner and founder of cra quest.io Simon Oberrauner – paragliding photos Vladimir Reznichenko – creator of Php Inspections and Yii2 Inspections Ondřej Mirtes – creator of PHPStan Philip Sharp – editor of afieldguidetoelephpants.net Programming Wisdom (@CodeWisdom) – inspirational quotes The entire Cra CMS community for their endless support and willingness to help each other out!