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Neil Chazin - Strategies for testing Async code

Neil Chazin - Strategies for testing Async code

Testing code is important. Testing, primarily unit-testing async code requires heading off the the standard roadway of unit testing in python. This talk will provide a map to help you along the new path towards testing async code.

Topics include:

a brief intro to asyncio and challengs in testing with it
running coroutines (and other awaitables) under test
mocking coroutines
testing "main" asyncio loops


PyCon 2019

May 05, 2019

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  1. Who am I? — Programming in Python since the early

    2000s — Believe that testing software is important — @neilathotep neil chazin - @neilathotep
  2. Work — Currently Senior Software Engineer/Tech Lead at Agari —

    Agari secures digital communications to ensure humanity prevails over evil neil chazin - @neilathotep
  3. Brief Outline 1. Why? 2. Quick intro to async &

    asyncio 3. Challenges of testing — Some solutions I've found 4. Wrap up neil chazin - @neilathotep
  4. General Async Basics — Concurrency through cooperation — yield control

    when 'waiting' - asynchronous results neil chazin - @neilathotep
  5. asyncio — framework for asynchronous computing — available in stdlib

    as of 3.4 — Improved syntax in 3.5 — Incremental changes in 3.6 and 3.7 neil chazin - @neilathotep
  6. Two primary concepts — Coroutines: perform asynchronous work — Event

    loops: schedule asynchronous work neil chazin - @neilathotep
  7. Key syntax — async - define a coroutine — await

    - 'call' a coroutine neil chazin - @neilathotep
  8. — Previous patterns all work great but some short comings

    I've found: — test coroutines that do not run in the MainThread when executing — test syncronous functions that call into event loops () — functional tests — Event Loop variants (e.g. uvloop) neil chazin - @neilathotep
  9. Wrap up — Try out asyncio programming — Keep testing

    — Find sample code and presentation at: h!ps://bit.ly/nchazin-pycon2019 neil chazin - @neilathotep