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Lightning talk on django-social-auth

Lightning talk on django-social-auth

A quick tutorial on using django-social-auth, the best registration system for Django today.

Daniel Greenfeld

October 27, 2011

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  1. Daniel Greenfeld @pydanny Who am I? Daniel Greenfeld (@pydanny) Pythonista

    at Cartwheel Djangonaut at Revsys http://opencomparison.org Fiancé of Audrey Roy http://www.flickr.com/photos/pydanny/4442245488 Thursday, October 27, 11
  2. Daniel Greenfeld @pydanny What we need • Registration of new

    users • Authentication of existing users • Unless we are an ad-click content farm Thursday, October 27, 11
  3. Daniel Greenfeld @pydanny Use OAUTH • People use Twitter/Facebook/etc •

    Fewer passwords to memorize • Our site needn’t store passwords • Twitter/Facebook/etc gets to worry about security Thursday, October 27, 11
  4. Daniel Greenfeld @pydanny Different flavors • Twitter • Facebook •

    Google • Linkedin • Github (YAY!) • Facebook ARGH The OAUTH specification is not honored well Implementation changes are sometimes not announced Thursday, October 27, 11
  5. Daniel Greenfeld @pydanny Many problems • django-tastypie and Piston are

    for APIs • Most of these lack tests • Most of these lack documentation • Bad code smell Thursday, October 27, 11
  6. Daniel Greenfeld @pydanny Part I: settings.py INSTALLED_APPS = ( ...

    'social_auth', ... ) AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ( 'social_auth.backends.contrib.github.GithubBackend', # keep this so you have that admin level backend access! 'django.contrib.auth.backends.ModelBackend', ) Thursday, October 27, 11
  7. Daniel Greenfeld @pydanny Part II: settings.py from django.template.defaultfilters import slugify

    SOCIAL_AUTH_ENABLED_BACKENDS = ('github',) SOCIAL_AUTH_COMPLETE_URL_NAME = 'socialauth_complete' SOCIAL_AUTH_ASSOCIATE_URL_NAME = 'associate_complete' SOCIAL_AUTH_DEFAULT_USERNAME = lambda u: slugify(u) SOCIAL_AUTH_EXTRA_DATA = False SOCIAL_AUTH_CHANGE_SIGNAL_ONLY = True SOCIAL_AUTH_ASSOCIATE_BY_MAIL = True # associate user via email (Usually you can just go with these as your settings) Thursday, October 27, 11
  8. Daniel Greenfeld @pydanny Part III: root urls.py urlpatterns = patterns("",

    url('', include('social_auth.urls')), ... ) Thursday, October 27, 11
  9. Daniel Greenfeld @pydanny Part IV: profile/views.py from social_auth.signals import pre_update

    from social_auth.backends.contrib.github import GithubBackend from profiles.models. import Profile def github_user_update(sender, user, response, details, **kwargs): profile_instance, created = Profile.objects.get_or_create(user=user) profile_instance.save() return True pre_update.connect(github_user_update, sender=GithubBackend) (Not specifying this view in urls - django-social-auth does it for me) Thursday, October 27, 11