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Why Programs Fail - Observing Facts

Jimmy Moon
July 03, 2007

Why Programs Fail - Observing Facts

Jimmy Moon

July 03, 2007


  1. Observing Facts ҳ୓੸ੋ प೯ীࢲ ੌযաח ࢎपٜ(Facts)ܳ ҙ଴ (Observing) оࢸҗ ো৉ਸ

    ా೧ࢲ ঳਷ ௏٘ߧਤ੄ Ѿҗܳ ҙ଴ ҙ଴੄ ਗ஗ рࢼೞ૑ ݈ইঠ ೠ׮. ޖ঺ਸ ঱ઁ ҙ଴ೡ Ѫੋ૑ ঌইঠ ೠ׮ ୓҅੸ਵ۽ ૓೯ೞۄ ҙ଴ ߑߨ Log Interactive Debugging Post-mortem Debugging
  2. Log (Con’t) ੹ਊ ۽Ӓ ӝߨ ಴ળ ഋधਸ ࢎਊ ݫఋؘ੉ఠ ੹ਊ

    ࠭য ࢎਊ ௏٘ਤ஖ (౵ੌݺ, ௏٘ۄੋ), ݽٕݺ, दр ੉߮౟ (WARNING, DEBUG, TRACE, FATAL) ৘ઁ “2007-04-02 20:24:13,509 [main] DEBUG TestLogging – Start of main()” 2007-04-02|02:24:13|509|main|DEBUG|TestLogging – Start of main() ۽Ӧਸ ࢶఖ оמೞѱ ݅ٚ׮ C/CPP੄ ۽Ӧ ݒ௼۽ Aspect о߸੸ੋ ࣁ޻ب ೲਊ ޙઁ੼੄ ࢿѺਸ ҳ࠙ ੌҙࢿ ੤ࢎਊೡ ࣻ ੓ח ۽Ӧਸ ࢤࢿ
  3. C/CPP Macro Log int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]) { logFunc

    = (LOG_OUTPUT_FUNC) printf; int size = 10; SetPrintableModule(LOG_MODULE_UI, 1); LOG_DEBUG(LOG_MODULE_UI, ("size = %d", size)); return 1; }
  4. Log Library ۽Ӧ੄ ױ੼ਸ ӓࠂ ಴ળ ഋधࢎਊ ੹ਊ ࠭য ૑ਗ

    ۽Ӓ য়ߡ೻٘ ઴੐ ࠺زӝ ۽Ӓ Windows Service, remote socket ۽Ӓ ۨ߰ ۽Ӓ ২࣌ ૑ਗ ੌҙػ ੋఠಕ੉झ ઙܨ Log4XXX NT Event Log DarkLog
  5. Log4XXX Apache Logging Service ׮নೠ ঱য, ജ҃ ૑ਗ CPP, JAVA,

    .NET, Peal, PHP, PLSQL, JDK 1.4’s util.logging.framwork ౠ૚ Logger hierarchy com.fooܳ ࢚ࣘ߉਷ com.foo.Bar log4cxx::LoggerPtr logger(log4cxx::Logger::getLogger("com.foo")); log4cxx::LoggerPtr barlogger(Logger::getLogger(("com.foo.Bar")); Log Level Appender console, file, gui component, remote socket, NT event log, syslog Asynchronous log Layout Environment File INI, XML ੹ਊ࠭য ChainSaw TraceTool 8
  6. DarkView Concept Server Server Server Server Server log aggregater (windows

    service) darkview log data remote
 socket i/o query
  7. Aspect पઁ௏٘(ز੘)ܳ ࢸݺ(aspect)ೞח ۽Ӧ (advice)ܳ पઁ ௏٘৬ ܻ࠙ೞৈ ੘ࢿೞৈ ߹ب੄

    ஹ౵ੌ۞(ajc)۽ ૞ ֍য (weaving)૓׮. ۽Ӓо प೯ؼ ੢ࣗ, ਤ஖(point cut)ܳ ݺद ೡ ࣻ ੓׮. पઁ ௏٘ী ৔ೱਸ ޷஖૑ ঋਵݴ, ࢶఖ੸ਵ۽ ࢎਊоמೞ Ҋ ੤ࢎਊ੉ ए਍ ࣛܖ࣌
  8. Aspect (Con’t) // Shop.java class Article { public void Buy()

    {// code} } // LogBuy.aj public aspect LogBuy { pointcut buyMethod() : call(public void Article.buy()); before() : buyMethod() { System.out.println(“Entering Article.buy()”);} after() : buyMethod() { System.out.println(“Leaving Article.buy()”);} } // compile $ajc LogBuy.aj Shop.java // Pseudocode class Article { public void Buy() { System.out.println((“Entering Article.buy()”); // Code(); System.out.println((“Leaving Article.buy()”); } }
  9. Interactive Debugging Debuggerܳ ࢎਊೞৈ पदрਵ۽ ҙ଴ ੢੼ औѱ द੘ ೡ

    ࣻ ੓׮. ࣗझ ࣻ੿, ஹ౵ੌ੉ ೙ਃহ੉ ߄۽ ҙ଴ оמ ਬোೠ ҙ଴ ࣻ೯઺ ࣻ੿, ੐੄੄ ؘ੉ఠ ҙ଴ оמ ૊п੸ੋ ࣁ࣌ ૊द ೐۽Ӓ۔ ࢚కܳ द೷೧ ࠁҊ ࡅܰѱ Ѿҗܳ ঳חؘ ੸೤ (gdb੄ command) Debugger੄ ઑѤ ೐۽Ӓ۔ਸ प೯ೞҊ ౠ੿ ઑѤೞী ݥ୶ѱ ೧ঠ ೠ׮. ੿૑ػ ೐۽Ӓ۔੄ ࢚కܳ ҙ଴ оמ೧ঠ ೠ׮. ੿૑ػ ೐۽Ӓ۔੄ ࢚కܳ ߸҃ ೡ ࣻ ੓যঠ ೠ׮.
  10. Debugger IDE ӝ߈ Debugger Visual Studio, Eclipse, Ӓ৻ ׮ࣻ ੹ޙ

    Debugger WinDBG, gdb, Ӓ৻ ׮ࣻ Deugger ӝמ break(breakpoint) and run, watch (watch point), modify variable value, calltrace enc (edit and continue)
  11. Post-mortem Debugging Crashٸ੄ ೐۽Ӓ۔੄ ࢚కܳ ౵ੌ۽ ؒ೐ܳ Debuggerо ׮द ੍য

    Crash࢚కੌ ٸ੄ ೐۽Ӓ۔ ࢚కܳ ઑࢎ Dumper WinDBG UserDump Dr. Watson Error Reporting Windows Dump API Windows Visual Studio .NET Dump Debugger WinDBG Windows Visual Studio gdb
  12. Windows Debug Tool ౠ੿ ࢚ടীࢲ ਬਊೞѱ ࢎਊೞח ٣ߡӦ ో GFlag

    Heap curruption Performance Monitoring hang(dead lock, cpu 100%)
  13. FIN