How to build your own cloud while staying in business

9d42f431f092fd96fec44ae936f25e84?s=47 Dirk Breuer
February 04, 2016

How to build your own cloud while staying in business

We're deeply sorry if you decided to deploy a new product in 2016. Not only are systems getting more and more complex, but you're spoilt by the choice between oodles of infrastructure solutions. But do not fear as Docker is here. Containarization set out to redeem you from all your ops hassle. But since there are still minor inconveniences like Networking, Service Discovery, Persistence of even Security to be taken care of, your job isn't done with containerizing everything. All of the above are fundamental architectural decisions you shouldn't approach reckless.

While Hashicorp tools are no silver bullet, they allow for pragmatic solutions while you still remain at the wheel. We want to show you how to setup an infrastructure suited for modern software needs.

Disclaimer: We're not affiliated by any means with Hashicorp. We just happen to like their tools a lot ;-)

Note: This is the talk @bascht and I gave at microxchg 2016.


Dirk Breuer

February 04, 2016