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Getting Hired Faster

Getting Hired Faster

Are you looking for a new job? Do you want to get hired quicker? Jennifer Bland will explain how you can use LinkedIn and your Github account to attract recruiters and hiring managers. How to craft an attention-worthy LinkedIn profile and utilize GitHub code presentation tips for maximum hire-ability.

Jennifer Bland

April 19, 2017

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    not find you on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram • Help you stand out in a crowded job market • Get attention of people that can place your resume in the hands of hiring managers • Show you are worth hiring
  2. REVERSE ENGINEERING • How do recruiters use LinkedIn? • What

    do they have access to? • What can they search on in LinkedIn?
  3. USE LINKEDIN TO FILL JOBS • Seek candidates that meet

    the job requirements • Use LinkedIn Recruiter • Access to everyone on LinkedIn • Contact anyone directly • Advanced People Search • Talent Pipeline
  4. 7 REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL-STAR • A profile picture • You

    industry and location • Up-to-date current position • Two past positions • Your education • Your skills • At least 50 connections
  5. 2) INDUSTRY AND LOCATION • HINT use professional headline to

    stuff keywords • Location is a zipcode • Industry for most of us would be Information Technology and Services
  6. 3) A CURRENT POSITION • Company Name: Seeking New Opportunity

    • Title: Software Engineer experienced with Angular.js | JavaScript | Node.js | Express.js • Time Period: January 2016 - Present • Description: I am currently looking for my next opportunity to work as a software engineer after graduating from Hack Reactor …
  7. 4) TWO PAST POSITIONS • You must have two past

    positions • You can enter multiple positions at one company if you need to • If past positions have nothing to do with programming then write them to have qualities that employers want
  8. 5) EDUCATION • Normally listed in reverse chronological order •

    If you attended college but did not graduate then be sure to include it • If you never attended college then include Hack Reactor for your education • If completed online training at CodeSchool, Codecademy, Udacity, Udemy or Lynda then include it
  9. 6) YOUR SKILLS (MIN OF 3) • By default listed

    in order of endorsements • You can change the order by showing the 10 most relevant skills at the top (Top 4 are critical) • Yes - I want to be endorsed • Include me in endorsement suggestions to my connections
  10. 7) AT LEAST 50 CONNECTIONS • You should connect with

    everyone in your cohort • Connect with everyone in the cohort before you and after you too! • Connect with other fellow grads • Connect with everyone in this room AND get them to endorse you
  11. YOU SHOULD ALSO DO THIS!!! • Summary • Use this

    to get noticed and state your intentions • List of your projects • Allow you to provide more keywords • Include link to your Github account • Recommendations • Order Sections in order you prefer that they be shown
  12. WHY GITHUB IS IMPORTANT • Shows your programming ability •

    Provides range of applications that you can create • Open source contributions
  13. • The individual controller files are good, but should be

    wrapped in an immediately-invoked function expression (IIFE) to preserve namespaces. • None of the controllers are using inline array annotation for dependency injection, making them unfriendly to minification. • Controllers are binding to $scope instead of using controller as syntax (not bad, just not best practice) • Http calls directly in controllers is a bad idea, they should be abstracted out into services which return the calls as promises. This allows better testabilizy and mocking. • She should consider using named inline functions whenever possible as this helps with debugging (you won’t get a huge call stack of anonymous functions) • Some of the factories use the “revealing module” pattern, which is good, but it’s not used consistently, and should also be used with controllers. • I see a few directives and no jquery mixed in the angular code, which is good. • Code organization is generally pretty good; split up by “function” instead of “form” which I agree with.
  14. MAKE YOUR REPOS STAND OUT • Use Edit at top

    of repo to include a short description and have a link to where they can view the application • Have the best README file on the planet in each and every one of your repos • If you build a killer README template then copy/ paste that to ALL of your repos • Have a working copy of your repo online for people to view - Heroku, AWS, Azure
  15. WHAT TO INCLUDE IN README • Overview of what the

    repo does • Table of Contents (working links) • How to use the application • Requirements and detailed installation steps • Technology stack • Screenshots • How to contribute | Team | Future Improvements