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Scala Exercises V2

Scala Exercises V2

Scala Exercises is a web based community tool open sourced by 47 Degrees. It contains multiple koan and free form style exercises maintained by library authors and maintainers to help you master some of the most important tools in the Scala Ecosystem. Version 2 comes with a brand new backend and exercise tracking where you can login simply using your Github account and track your progress throughout exercises and libraries. Version 2 will launch with exercises for the stdlib, Cats, Shapeless and other well known libraries and frameworks part of the Scala ecosystem.

Raúl Raja Martínez

March 02, 2016

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  1. What is it? A browser tool to learn Scala and

    its coolest libs 2 — Scala Exercises @raulraja @47deg V2
  2. A bit of History > @rafaparadela JS POC for the

    @47deg labs > V1 Went Live on March 2nd, 2015 > Focused on porting Scala Koans to the web > Social component 3 — Scala Exercises @raulraja @47deg V2
  3. V1 Limitations > Serverless > "Evaluation" constrained to exact string

    matches > Can't track user progress across devices > Can't parse or evaluate more complex exercises 4 — Scala Exercises @raulraja @47deg V2
  4. V1 Stats > 63K sessions > 40% Returning > 180

    PRs > 50 Contributors > 1 section completed per visit 5 — Scala Exercises @raulraja @47deg V2
  5. Technologies > Client [ScalaJS, Cats] > Server [Play, Cats, Doobie]

    18 — Scala Exercises @raulraja @47deg V2
  6. Actively working on... > Improved evaluation / Fork evaluation (Finch)

    > Support for block style exercises (Ex : Implement a type class) > Docs, contribution guide... > Splitting into multiple repositories 28 — Scala Exercises @raulraja @47deg V2
  7. What would be coming next? > Allow Github organizations ?

    > Support other Exercises Format > Top level domain / org > It really is entirely up to you! 29 — Scala Exercises @raulraja @47deg V2
  8. Thanks! @raulraja @47deg > Github : https://github.com/47deg/scala-exercises > Deck: https://github.com/47deg/scala-exercises-v2-

    deck > V1: http://scala-exercises.47deg.com 30 — Scala Exercises @raulraja @47deg V2