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Service Oriented Flask

Service Oriented Flask

OMG! Services! Flask! Yey!

Randall Degges

August 17, 2014

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  1. Yo, I’m Randall! “I’m just a happy programmer that likes

    to hack stuff.” Developer Evangelist, Stormpath
  2. • What SOA is, exactly. • Why SOA is awesome.

    • The most import rule. • How to build reliable services. • How to make faster services. • How to scale Flask services. • The biggest SOA issue. • How to have more fun. What I’ll Cover
  3. Users Service GET /users Returns a list of all user

    accounts. GET /users/<uid> Returns the user identified by uid. POST /users Create a new user. POST /users/authenticate Authenticate a user. PUT /users/<uid> Update a user account identified by uid. PATCH /users/<uid> Update a user account identified by uid. DELETE /users/<uid> Delete a user identified by uid.
  4. import urllib2 from flask import Flask from flask.ext.testing import LiveServerTestCase

    class MyTest(LiveServerTestCase): def create_app(self): app = Flask(__name__) app.config['TESTING'] = True app.config['LIVESERVER_PORT'] = 8943 return app def test_server_is_up_and_running(self): response = urllib2.urlopen(self.get_server_url()) self.assertEqual(response.code, 200)
  5. Foreman / Docker Make Testing with SOA Easier web: gunicorn

    myproject:app -k gevent -b$PORT servicea: cd ~/servicea && gunicorn myproject:app -k gevent -b$PORT serviceb: cd ~/serviceb && gunicorn myproject:app -k gevent -b$PORT $ foreman start 16:39:22 web.1 | started with pid 82834 16:39:22 worker.1 | started with pid 82835 16:39:22 blah.1 | started with pid 82836
  6. from flask import Flask from flask_sslify import SSLify app =

    Flask(__name__) sslify = SSLify(app) Flask-SSLify
  7. Flask-BasicAuth from flask import Flask from flask.ext.basicauth import BasicAuth app

    = Flask(__name__) app.config['BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME'] = 'john' app.config['BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD'] = 'matrix' app.config['BASIC_AUTH_FORCE'] = True basic_auth = BasicAuth(app)
  8. from flask import Flask from flask.ext.cache import Cache app =

    Flask(__name__) cache = Cache(app, config={'CACHE_TYPE': 'simple'}) Flask-Cache
  9. from flask import Flask form flask.ext.rq import RQ, job app

    = Flask(__name__) RQ(app) @job def process(i): pass process.delay(3) Flask-RQ
  10. Outsource what you can. • Stormpath • Twilio • Loggly

    • Sendgrid • NewRelic • Ducksboard Less code, less *.
  11. Flask-Security • Works with SQLAlchemy. • Configurable. • Password reset.

    • Basic Authentication (with email / password). • Token authentication. • Self hosted. • You have to build the API around it yourself.