Michael Crump & Anuj Bhatia: Scaling Your App for Rapid Growth by using Testing, Deploying and Monitoring

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June 14, 2016

Michael Crump & Anuj Bhatia: Scaling Your App for Rapid Growth by using Testing, Deploying and Monitoring

Abstract/excerpt: Watch Xamarin Test Cloud test an app on hundreds of different device models simultaneously, and Hockey App help you with beta distribution and app monitoring. We’ll wrap up by discussing how you can leverage your existing Objective-C app to write an app that will run on the PC. Hold onto your seat, this is going to be a demo-packed session!

Bio: Michael Crump works at Microsoft and is a coder, blogger and speaker of various software development topics. He has a passion for a wide range of technology stacks that involve desktop and mobile. You can find Michael on Twitter @mbcrump



June 14, 2016


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    Michael Crump Microsoft @mbcrump Scaling Your App for Rapid Growth

    using Testing, Deploying & Monitoring Anuj Bhatia Xamarin @anooj
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    Test any mobile app and find bugs before your customers

    do. Find bugs before you ship with automated tests running on the devices your customers use. Interact as users do by tapping, pinching, swiping, and scrolling Test continuously to automatically collect test results in your CI system Visualize app performance with full-frame screenshots and video playback Test with Xamarin Test Cloud
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    26 Windows Phone Journey to the Universal Windows Platform Desktop

    Web Other platforms iOS iOS Bridge Desktop 
 Bridge Mobilize.Net’s Silverlight Bridge Hosted 
 Web Apps (Porting) Guidance
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    27 Universal Windows Platform Configuration Security Management Updates Natural User

    Inputs One SDK + Tooling Cloud 
 Services One Store +
 One Dev Center Adaptive User Interface Holographi c Xbox Devices +IoT Surface Hub Mobile PC Universal Windows Platform
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    28 iOS Native APIs Windows Native APIs Android Native APIs

    iOS UI Windows UI Android UI Shared Code Shared .NET libraries Native UX Reusable core business logic Native Access UWP Xamari n Shared C# Code
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    Windows Bridge for iOS .appx .H .M .CPP Need updated

    iOS slide Enable Objective-C development on Windows Implements iOS- compatible APIs Your iOS app becomes a native UWP app
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    32 • Windows Dev Center - http://dev.windows.com • Windows Bridges

    - http://dev.windows.com/bridges • Xamarin - http://xamarin.com • Download the bits - http://build.microsoft.com/resources Resources
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