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Thomas Dohmke: Continuous Delivery for Mac & iOS Apps

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June 13, 2016

Thomas Dohmke: Continuous Delivery for Mac & iOS Apps

Presented at AltConf 2016



June 13, 2016


  1. Continuous Delivery for iOS & Mac Apps Thomas Dohmke @ashtom

    Co-Founder @ HockeyApp Group Program Manager @ Microsoft
  2. Continuous Delivery is a software engineering approach in which teams

    produce software in short cycles, ensuring that the software can be reliably released at any time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continuous_delivery
  3. Source Control Build Distribution Testing Monitoring Feedback

  4. Fundamentals

  5. Automated build process

  6. Self Hosted Cloud Team Foundation Server Xcode Server

  7. fastlane

  8. Demo

  9. Automated Device Testing

  10. None
  11. iPad iPod iPhone Multitasking 3D Touch Apple Pencil Form Factors

    iOS 9 Features
  12. Features 1000s of devices Easy browser access Parallel test execution

    Exploratory testing Services Device Farm
  13. Demo

  14. Distribution

  15. Ad Hoc 100 UDID Limit Store Features Internal & External

    Directly Trusted In House No UDID Limit No Store Features Internal Only Manual Trust Process
  16. TestFlight 2,000 Testers Store Features Internal & External Apple Review

    App Store Unlimited Users Store Features External Only Apple Review
  17. Update apps without resubmitting them to the App Store

  18. Demo

  19. DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to

    enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. http://bit.ly/WhatIs-DevOps
  20. Q & A