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Making Public Data Public[er]

E2ed169f43b7aae4f46de5fa9ef837e9?s=47 Peter Rukavina
June 06, 2006

Making Public Data Public[er]

A presentation, in "Pecha Kucha" style, at the reboot conference in Copenhagen in 2006 on the values of increasing access to public data.


Peter Rukavina

June 06, 2006


  1. Making Public Data Public[er] Peter Rukavina ~ ruk.ca

  2. Here, have a public transit system...

  3. But you have to figure this out...

  4. PDF to Google Maps + JavaScript = Helpful

  5. Hidden Public Data about Land Decisions

  6. Fine, just check in every day...

  7. Scrape HTML, munge it into RSS

  8. Cities hide their public data too...

  9. Scrape HTML, munge it into RSS

  10. RSS Enclosure contains Building Permits PDF

  11. Altruism Demands Explanation

  12. One More Time...

  13. Now Council Minutes Hit Me Over the Head...

  14. ...and RSS enclosure contains the PDFs.

  15. DIY City: Click and Annotate

  16. Public Data Without Tools: Also Hidden

  17. So an explanation can be a useful tool too...

  18. Council Minutes + Civic Addresses + PHP = Map

  19. And again: explanation is important...

  20. Everyone should religiously document their altruism... 20/20