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Working for Free

Working for Free

Presented at reboot 10 in Copenhagen, Denmark, I focus on my practice of working for free, and talk about the benefits of this approach to engaging with clients.

Peter Rukavina

June 27, 2008

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  1. Raise the Dead of Wintertime A sighing wind brings heavy

    snow Every good woodcutter knows It fills the road and blocks the door It lays and stays and waits for more The Jeffery boys are strong and lean The best damn workers you’ve ever seen They’ll cut more wood than a horse can haul Near six chords before nightfall We’ll get up at the break of day And hitch the morgan to the sleigh And as we work we’ll sing a rhyme And raise the dead of wintertime Deep in the woods our fuel is born It meets the axe to keep us warm We trim the branches, pile it high And leave it for the wind to dry The yellow birch, the spruce so red And juniper to bake good bread Hard maple when the flame’s in doubt And cedar if the fire dies out And when at night we’re by the stove Our bellies full and our stories told The winds of winter might blow cold But none of us will feel it Allan Rankin “New Branches” Wild Garden Music 1995
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  5. • Find some “visioning” money to get hired as a

    consultant. • Negotiate contracts for services. • Hold meetings with potential stakeholders and users. • Prepare a report of findings, with suggestions for next steps. • Find additional funding to move to the practical planning stage. • Hold meetings with involved parties, negotiate responsibilities, reporting structure. • Develop action plan. • Proceed with project.
  6. called a meeting [ University] o I - [ ]

    --- --- --- - o I - [] ___ = \ -  o I- [ ] -
  7. another meeting [ University] o I - [ ] ---

    --- --- - o I - [] ___ = \ -  o I- [ ] -
  8. my work here is done [ University] o I -

    [ ] --- --- --- - o I - [] ___ = \ -
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