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Why Do We Need All This Tech? – Building Your Marketing Technology Blueprint

Why Do We Need All This Tech? – Building Your Marketing Technology Blueprint

A session with Rivers Pearce at Revolve Conference 2016

Revolve Conference

October 27, 2016

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  3. "There's a new world and attention is in different places.

    I could care less if Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat exist tomorrow -- I just care about where your attention is.” - Gary Vaynerchuk 6 http://adage.com/article/special-report-ana-annual-meeting-2016/gary-vaynerchuk-implores-industry-wake/306369/
  4. “What If We Look At People’s Trust As A Non-Renewable

    Resource?” - Gould Steward (Facebook) 9 http://www.pcmag.com/news/348323/facebook-sheds-light-on-mobile-design-principles-tips-new-a
  5. MarTech… 11 It’s impossible to produce scalable marketing that is

    commensurate with modern consumer expectations without marketing technology. Period.
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  8. “Marketing has grown exponentially more complex in the digital age.

    That’s partly because of an explosion of new channels and touchpoints between marketers and their audiences that continually morph and multiply — and the massive clouds of data billowing from that Silicon Valley firestorm. Adtech didn’t create that complexity. It was developed in response to it.“ - Scott Brinker 15 http://chiefmartec.com/2016/10/open-letter-editor-adage-boring-martech/
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  10. “It’s about the customer experience. You don’t start with the

    tool,” Wright said. “The tools are the thing at the end.” -Travis Write (CCP Digital) 20 http://marketingland.com/want-build-martech-marketing-stack-193953?
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  12. 38 website landing pages content offers E D U C

    A T E E N G A G E C A P T U R E C O N V E R T email remarketing direct mail social media content newsletters incentives R E T A I N N U R T U R E C R M DATABASE ANALYTICS INTELLIGENCE TAG MANAGER L E A R N O P T I M I Z E display TV/radio print PR events paid social organic social ppc organic search A T T R A C T A T T E N T I O N Modern Marketing Ecosystem
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  14. 40 Attraction & Attention Educate & Engage Capture & Convert

    Data / Analytics / Intelligence / Reporting CRM / Lead Management Nurture & Retain Production / Execution Display Website Landing Pages Analytics Database Marketing Automation Communication TV Content CTAs Reporting Scoring Email Project Management Radio Blog Offers Business Intelligence Remarketing DAM / Asset Management Print Video Downloads Dashboarding Direct Mail Collaboration PR Coupons Call Tracking Social Events Incentives Content Paid Social Newsletters Organic Social Customer Service PPC "Knowledge Base" Organic Search Phone Calls

    DECISIONS http://leadingwithtrust.com/2013/12/08/5-tips-to-build-trust-in-your-decision-making-abilities/
  16. Modern Marketing Team • Content Development (incl. writers) • Design

    & Video • Web Developer • Digital Marketing (search, social, display) • Retention / Database Marketing (email, nurture) • Data Analyst • Technologist 45
  17. The majority of SMB’s (52%) use fewer than three digital

    marketing properties/platforms , including their website & social media 47 http://www.martechadvisor.com/articles/testing-optimization/study-majority-of-smbs-struggle-to-integrate-marketing-tools/
  18. Nearly half (49%) of all small business owners & managers

    say they don’t know whether their marketing efforts are effective. 48 http://www.martechadvisor.com/articles/testing-optimization/study-majority-of-smbs-struggle-to-integrate-marketing-tools/
  19. SMB’s will be more than twice as likely to invest

    in additional awareness (51%) in 2016 as they will be to invest in conversion efforts such as email marketing (25%) and landing page tools (22%). 49 http://www.martechadvisor.com/articles/testing-optimization/study-majority-of-smbs-struggle-to-integrate-marketing-tools/
  20. “There is no desktop, mobile, laptop, television and tablet --

    just differently sized windows through which consumers are peering into their digital worlds.” -Sean Hargrave 50 http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/286675/mobiles-dominance-means-there-are-no-channels-ju.html