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Always Designing: From Designer To Design Leader

Always Designing: From Designer To Design Leader

A presentation by Andy Vitale at the 4th Revolve Conference on November 13, 2018 in Charleston, South Carolina


Revolve Conference

November 13, 2018

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  1. Always Designing From Designer to Design Leader Andy Vitale @andyvitale

  2. Group Vice President, User Experience Director, Wholesale Banking

  3. Titles don’t mean shit.

  4. The future is crafted by those who do work they

    don’t have 
 to do. -Scott Belsky, Adobe
  5. Qualities of a Leader

  6. Empathy

  7. Ability to Drive Discussions

  8. Communicate Effectively

  9. Collaborate

  10. Empower Others

  11. Be Engaged

  12. Trust

  13. Have a Vision

  14. Be a leader, not a needer. -Steve Portigal, Author/Researcher

  15. Types of Leaders

  16. Motivational

  17. Inspirational

  18. Transformational

  19. Indomitable

  20. If you’re looking to grow as a leader, don’t wait

    for someone to promote you into that position. Uncover the areas you can lead and just start doing it. -Andrew Lucas-Walsh, Facebook
  21. Leading on Different Levels

  22. First Time People Leaders

  23. Leading Managers

  24. Leading Large Teams

  25. Voices of a Leader

  26. Voice of Character

  27. Voice of Context

  28. Voice of Clarity

  29. Voice of Curiosity

  30. Voice of Connection

  31. Although the problems differ and complexities change, design leaders never

    stop designing solutions.
  32. The struggle is real

  33. Letting Go

  34. Ego

  35. Imposter Syndrome

  36. Uncomfortable Situations

  37. You can be a leader

  38. Emerging Designers

  39. Mid to Senior Level

  40. Leadership

  41. My first job

  42. • Use actions over words • Lead by example •

    Have good intentions • Be comfortable in 
 uncomfortable situations • Collaborate • Embrace diverse 
 perspectives • Be inclusive
  43. Don’t be a Dick

  44. Thanks.