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NodeSchool is OSCCL

NodeSchool is OSCCL

How we think of NodeSchool as more than just teaching Node—it's preparing people for "collaborative communityness" so they can join the open source world and help to make it better.

Given at EmpireNode, 2014

Jason Rhodes

October 27, 2014

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  1. Zane: In order to get the parking pass I had

    to double park and run inside to get it. Maybe have someone out front or something providing them?
  2. David: Not forcing the pair- programming. I’d like to …

    make a few attempts at a solution on my own first. ! Just the way my brain works.
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  6. The introduction of FLOSS tools in education strengthens the concept

    of the “community” as a critical stakeholder in the e-learning process. In order to analyze its impact in the context of computer-mediated collaborative learning, we examine it along one specific educational context, namely computer science education and in relation to one distinct type of learning application: collaborative development environments.