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How structured content can make you skinny, happy, and rich. (Given at Digital 360 2013)

Jason Rhodes

March 06, 2013

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  1. 1. Why WYSIWYGs are EVIL 2. Another definition of SC

    3. How to find your structure 4. How we built the Hub 5. CMS demos LET’S TALK ABOUT FIVE THINGS
  2. implicit (dynamic) relationships Object 1 Title: Lacrosse team beats UMD

    Object 2 Title: New lacrosse field approved for 2014
  3. Medicine Public Health Arts and Sciences Engineering Nursing Education Business

    Peabody Center for Talented Youth Applied Physics Laboratory
  4. The Structured Content Promise 1. Know your content 2. Plan

    your structure 3. Pick a tool 4. ... 5. Profit!