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Tips & Tricks about Apache Kafka in the Cloud for Java Developers

Tips & Tricks about Apache Kafka in the Cloud for Java Developers


Ricardo Ferreira

May 27, 2019


  1. Ricardo Ferreira Developer Advocate

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  3. Can We Though? "Dude, you are embarrassing me in front

    of the wizards…" SSH? Tunneling? VPC? Encryption? HPC? HA? RPO? RTO? Sizing? Existing Java Code? @riferrei #jbcn19
  4. About Us: • Ricardo Ferreira ◦ Developer Advocate @ Confluent

    ◦ Ex-Oracle, Red Hat, IONA Tech ◦ Currently ~70% Dev, ~30 Ops ◦ https://riferrei.net • Echo Dot (Alexa) ◦ The voice behind Amazon ◦ Ex-Raspberry Pi, Terminator? @riferrei @alexa99
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  7. Apache Kafka Clusters are Not Easy to Manage!

  8. Use Serverless Managed Services to Offload your Projects! @riferrei #jbcn19

  9. Demo: Creating a cluster for a Java Application @riferrei #jbcn19

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  12. @riferrei #jbcn19 Applications VPC consumer_01 conusmer_02 consumer_03 topic_name_01 topic_name_02 topic_name_03

    Schema Registry Apache Kafka Cluster VPC consumer_04
  13. Watch Out for These Guys… @riferrei #jbcn19

  14. @riferrei #jbcn19 On Premises topic_name_01 topic_name_02 topic_name_03 Confluent Replicator Schema

    Registry topic_name_01 topic_name_02 topic_name_03 Schema Registry Public Cloud
  15. Demo: Showing a Peered VPC in GCP @riferrei #jbcn19

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  18. Observability = Metrics + Logs + Distributed Tracing @riferrei #jbcn19

  19. Why Distributed Tracing is Important? System IS NOT Working! System

    IS Working! Time Spent with Troubleshooting: Days, Weeks or even Months! @riferrei #jbcn19
  20. https://github.com/opentracing-contrib/java-kafka-client Apache Kafka Client + Spring Kafka + Kafka Streams

    https://github.com/riferrei/jaeger-tracing-support Kafka Connect, REST Proxy, Schema Registry, KSQL @riferrei #jbcn19
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  22. @riferrei #jbcn19

  23. Scan the barcode to create events @riferrei #jbcn19

  24. https://github.com/riferrei/the-song-is Demo Source-Code @riferrei #jbcn19

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  27. https://github.com/confluentinc/ccloud-tools Terraform Scripts for Kafka Connect, REST Proxy, KSQL https://github.com/confluentinc/cp-ansible

    Ansible Playbooks are also Available as Well! @riferrei #jbcn19
  28. Free Books by Confluent

  29. ricardo@confluent.io @riferrei #jbcn19 http://cnfl.io/slack

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