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Docker - Not A Silver Bullet

Docker - Not A Silver Bullet

openSUSE Conference 2015 presentation regarding Docker when viewed from more of a sysadmin point of view


Robert Schweikert

May 02, 2015


  1. Docker Not A Silver Bullet Robert Schweikert – Public Cloud

    Architect rjschwei@opensuse.org
  2. 2 Docker • The Claim • The Reality • Some

    general thoughts • What is a distro in a world of containers?
  3. The Claim

  4. 4 The Claim Package your application and dependencies

  5. The Reality

  6. 6 The Reality • Yes you can package only your

    application and dependencies
  7. 7 The Reality • The base container provides ‒ Init

    system ‒ Update stack (not required)
  8. 8 The Reality • Now you need ‒ A Docker

    file ‒ Build your own container ‒ Someone to release the application layer for ‒ Security fixes → immediately ‒ Bug fixes → as needed ‒ Some kind of service that tells you when your container is vulnerable
  9. 9 The Reality • Or ‒ Use the update stack

    if it is in the base image • But ‒ Update does not modify the container, i.e. stop it and everything is lost ‒ You have to update your running containers and build new containers
  10. Some General Thoughts

  11. 11 Some General Thoughts • Developers ‒ Containers are great

    ‒ Rebuild cycle is fast ‒ Map directories ‒ Portable and shareable ‒ Reasonable preview of production ‒ Encapsulated application lets me focus on my part
  12. 12 Some General Thoughts • Sysadmin – Production environment ‒

    Containers are easy to fire up ‒ Management of security fixes ‒ Rebuild containers ‒ Requires someone to provide a fixed layer ‒ kill old start new ‒ potential downtime issues ‒ Use update stack ‒ containers do not get modified ‒ Need to remember to update when a new container gets started ‒ There is little experience
  13. A Distro In Container World

  14. 14 The Easy One Are we running openSUSE?

  15. 15 No So Easy Now are we running openSUSE?

  16. Questions?

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