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openSUSE Boothboxes

openSUSE Boothboxes

openSUSE Conference 2015 presentation about the openSUSE Boothbox status


Robert Schweikert

May 03, 2015


  1. Boothboxes What is working? What is not? Robert Schweikert –

    Public Cloud Architect rjschwei@opensuse.org
  2. 2 Boothboxes • A Brief History • Where we are

    now • What do we need ‒ Interactive discussion
  3. A Brief History

  4. 4 A long time ago in a galaxy far away...

    • DVD ‒ The only material we had to ship around the world ‒ A web page for requesting DVDs • Stuf ‒ Floating through back channels
  5. 5 The disruption • Everything stopped • Plans were made

    ‒ Eventual result Booth Boxes
  6. Where we are now

  7. 7 Where we are now • There's an App for

    that ‒ Booth box request application • Have a booth box for ‒ Large events == 2 x small event box ‒ Small events • Content is per-determined • Content is refreshed when we run out
  8. 8 Where we are now • Local reimbursement program ‒

    For events where sending a booth box makes no sense
  9. 9 What we need • Feedback ‒ When using the

    material what works ‒ “Working” meaning stuf that is a good conversation starter. Manning a booth is all about having conversations where you can talk about openSUSE ‒ Is it worth spending time at the event again next year? ‒ Is it worth to increase our presence, maybe be an oficial sponsor
  10. 10 Discussion starters • Do we need DVDs? ‒ This

    time around we had sponsored DVDs ‒ DVDs are expensive to ship (weight) ‒ Many more modern laptops have no optical drive • Do we need limited material selection options ‒ Instead of uniform content • Localization ‒ Would local volunteers translate and print?
  11. Discussion

  12. Thank you. Join the conversation, contribute & have a lot

    of fun! www.opensuse.org
  13. 13 Have a Lot of Fun, and Join Us At:

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