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My presentation at Front end conference about the responsive framework I built called Thumper.


Robert DeLuca

June 22, 2013


  1. Thumper @robdel12

  2. · Front end developer for izea · Mustang lover ·

    My first conference ever… and LOVING it! A little about me
  3. What exactly is Thumper?

  4. The rabbit? This guy is crazy...

  5. Where did the name come from?

  6. I used to work at ThreeTwelve Creative

  7. A responsive framework

  8. Not just a responsive framework...

  9. ...A light, flexible, and scalable one

  10. When compiled and compressed it weighs just 7kb.

  11. Built upon LESS and SCSS For flexibility!  

  12. Technically infinite

  13. Bootstrap is based off of 12ths

  14. Thumper is based off of 20ths

  15. One 20th is 2.6% The gutter is 2%

  16. So.. Almost infinite!

  17. Spacer divs!

  18. Like Bootstraps offset feature

  19. Turns this:

  20. Into this:

  21. The code for it: Super simple

  22. SCSS Media query mixins: · smallerDesktop (861px to 1040px )

    ·tablet (640px to 860px) · mobile (0 to 639px)
  23. So... Who is this for?

  24. Not for those who need something done in 2 days

  25. Nothing is prestyled

  26. But why not?

  27. New project = new everything

  28. For those who start over every project

  29. This is cool.. Examples?

  30. SRMA.net

  31. ASPG.com

  32. GainingResults.com

  33. I was going to show the mobile versions.. But they’re

    all broke
  34. L

  35. That’s Thumper!

  36. Contact info: Twitter: @robdel12 Github: github.com/robdel12 Get the slides: Robert-deluca.com/blog