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Supporting Developers Through DevOps

Supporting Developers Through DevOps

Devs write code while Ops deploys and supports it, right? That’s still the common belief among many developers. How do you change this behavior in a DevOps environment? To influence this change, it starts with setting expectations, education, and equipping developers with tools they actually want to use. Hiring a team of developers and expecting them to embrace DevOps practices won’t happen without giving them the proper tools and support they need. During this talk we’ll discuss the DevOps journey Capital One is on, the challenges we face, and how we’re changing behaviors one developer at a time.


Roderick Randolph

May 27, 2016

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  1. Supporting Developers Through DevOps • Roderick Randolph • Lead DevOps

    Engineer • Capital One • Toronto Software Studio /roderickrandolph
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  8. 70% of developers say learning new technologies was important to

    them at work Source: Developer Hiring Landscape 2016 Report
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  15. Capital One at AWS re:Invent 2015


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