PRISM-as-a-Service: Not subject to American Law

8c5e76dca74a59822dbf7f0286177ddd?s=47 Lynn Root
August 10, 2013

PRISM-as-a-Service: Not subject to American Law

Presented at PyCon Canada 2013:

X-as-a-Service products are integral in the U.S. tech industry with their ability to take the pain out of server configuration, maintenance, provisioning, data storage and other aspects of running a server. With the recent outing of PRISM, a clandestine national security electronic surveillance program, the next desirable IT feature is "not subject to American law." How can we leverage cloud-based software while maintaining privacy?

This talk is a look at what exactly PRISM is, how PRISM affects cloud services, and how best to approach securing data and preserving privacy within the cloud.


Lynn Root

August 10, 2013