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Julie Chakraverty - Rungway

Ross Swrve
November 23, 2016

Julie Chakraverty - Rungway

Ross Swrve

November 23, 2016


  1. None
  2. Impact of mobile @JChakraverty 8 seconds 25% 2.5bn

  3. Impact of mobile @JChakraverty Mobile changes the way we… Spend

    our time Communicate Discover Demand
  4. Mobile as an investor @JChakraverty Who is impacted by mobile?

    Banking Advertising Shopping Asset owners
  5. Companies are shifting.. @JChakraverty From the desk.. .. to the

  6. Mobilising talent @JChakraverty @JChakraverty 26% of companies are throwing away

    their old systems
  7. @JChakraverty