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Barry Nolan - Swrve

Ross Swrve
November 23, 2016

Barry Nolan - Swrve

Ross Swrve

November 23, 2016


  1. 4 The first thing passengers do on landing. 20 second

    window before the phone connects.
  2. 9

  3. 10 Be There: Anticipate moments of individual need Be Useful:

    Relevant & valued Be Fast: Quick to get the job done Be Frictionless: Simplicity is a priority The anatomy of mobile moment
  4. 20   I need a loan Every minute, more customers

    visit the app than visit our branches in a week
  5. 1. The customer, not the channel, becomes the focus email

    messaging apps messaging bots social networks Instant apps mobile web desktop web mobile app email mobile web desktop web
  6. api Marketing Clouds apps web database CRM Marketing Tech 2.

    Real-time systems of intelligence to really know customers Marketing Tech Done Doing Will Do
  7. John: You’re upgraded Kate: $10 voucher on us! Nicky: Want

    Wifi today? Tom: How was the flight? Chris: You’re Uber is here The result: millions of individual conversations.