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Inclusion Plus Semifinal Round Judging Criteria

Inclusion Plus Semifinal Round Judging Criteria

Ryan Shingledecker

February 15, 2017

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  1. Judging Criteria Semifinal Round Judging Criteria

  2. Overall Competition Judging Dimensions Impact: financial inclusion for low-to-moderate income

    people in India Innovation: significantly better than existing alternatives with potential to radically shift the social problem Leadership: applicant has a strong grasp on the problem, potential obstacles, and the requirements for success; ability to attract resources and recruit a strong team Scalability: potential to significantly increase impact through competition winnings as a catalyst for growth Sustainability: strong profit model and ability to capture large market share with this model
  3. How does your solution address financial inclusion? • The applicant

    clearly describes the solution, how it works, who it benefits and how it addresses financial inclusion.
  4. Please provide more detail about the beneficiary of your solution.

    • The applicant provides a solution designed to help people of low to moderate income. Strong answers will identify a specific beneficiary and demonstrate that the applicant has a strong grasp on the needs, behaviors, and lifestyle of this beneficiary.
  5. What was your inspiration for this solution? • High quality

    answers share a compelling story about why the applicant wants to solve this problem and how they first started working on the solution. High quality answers will illustrate the applicant’s personal experience with the problem and unique insights.
  6. Why does your solution produce significantly better results than others

    trying to solve the same problem? • Applicants will provide a current solution as a benchmark or what is currently offered and clearly explain why they are significantly better.
  7. How are you funding your solution? • Strong applications will

    present a clear and convincing business model for how their solution generates a reliable source of funding. The applicant should clearly indicate who pays for the solution and/or how they acquire funding.
  8. How many people does your organization serve today and how

    do you measure impact? • High-quality applications will provide current and future numbers for the people they serve. It is not enough to say that they serve a demographic or general population. A strong application will also demonstrate the collection and measuring of impactful metrics.
  9. What makes you a strong team? • Succeeding as an

    entrepreneur is a challenging endeavor. Strong answers will illustrate why the team has the experience, skills, and key roles filled to execute on the solution. Applicants without a team need to provide a convincing strategy for how they will recruit teammates.
  10. Share a 2-minute video pitch. • A good video pitch

    should clearly and succinctly describe the company or program, the problem they are solving, and their impact on their target beneficiary. While the video should engage and excite you, you are not judging on the quality of the video production.
  11. How do you scale your solution to impact hundreds of

    thousands of people? • Strong answers will provide a clear narrative of how many people they are serving and a compelling answer for what is required to grow their impact to hundreds of thousands of low-to-moderate income people. We are looking for applicants with a strong understanding of what is required to achieve scale.
  12. Compose and upload an annual report from the future. •

    A great annual report will describe how the company or program has grown since the conclusion of the prize and how they will use the prize winnings. It will be creative, but also explain significant milestones, as well as explain how the company has evolved. An annual report should be highly engaging, but also succinct and visually digestible.
  13. Provide your financial model. • A strong answer provides a

    clear financial model, projected revenues and costs for the next 1 - 3 years. The financial model should be appropriate, resourceful and scalable.