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iPipeTo - An interactive cli workflow

iPipeTo - An interactive cli workflow

ipt (pronounced iPipeTo) introduces the missing cli interactive workflow. It takes any kind of list as an input and uses that list to build an interactive interface to let you select an element from it.

A record of this talk is available on Youtube: https://youtu.be/EeuvAFSq9Ho

Find more: https://github.com/ruyadorno/ipt

Presented 13 July 2016 at the js-montreal meetup

Ruy Adorno

July 13, 2016

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  1. iPipeTo An interactive cli workflow https://github.com/ruyadorno/ipt

  2. Ruy Adorno @ruyadorno http://ruyadorno.com ! "

  3. The Command-line interface • Command-line interfaces are often preferred by

    more advanced computer users, as they often provide a more concise and powerful means to control a program or operating system. • Programs with command-line interfaces are generally easier to automate via scripting.
  4. The Command-line interface • Lack/loss of context awareness

  5. Inquirer.js • A collection of common interactive command line user

  6. None
  7. Initial implementations

  8. grunt-menu

  9. git-bc

  10. ntl

  11. • All very specific • Not really modular or reusable

  12. Unix Pipes Commands can be composed together using Unix standard

    output and input
  13. Introducing: iPipeTo • Takes a list of items from the

    standard input • Builds an interactive menu using Inquirer.js • Allows for user to manually filter items • Outputs selected item(s) to the standard output
  14. Go get it Install it using npm:

  15. Demo time

  16. Using pipes to send selected value to next command

  17. Using the multiple choices option

  18. Using file as input data

  19. Using the copy to clipboard feature

  20. One more thing...

  21. Workflow Gallery A showcase of great ideas for aliases/functions

  22. None
  23. That's it! Thank you very much,
 for more info visit:

    https://github.com/ ruyadorno/ipt http://ruyadorno.com ! "