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The Future of Node.js - All Things Open 2016

F4ef7629f86e2f8b3f3951e8aa47e466?s=47 Ryan Lewis
October 27, 2016

The Future of Node.js - All Things Open 2016

Node.js is one of the fastest growing programming platforms in the world. Powered by the success of the JavaScript language, Node.js has already become the dominant technology at enterprise companies like Paypal, Netflix, and Walmart. With the founding of the Node Foundation last year, Node.js has finally become a mature and robust platform for developing web applications. But as Node.js matures and undergoes changes, its future becomes even more uncertain. Recent changes in the community, technology, and corporate involvement point to a bright, if different, future for Node.js.

This talk will use recent and current events to paint a picture of the future of the Node.js platform. In addition to introducing upcoming technology features in Node.js, Ryan will present predictions for what the ecosystem will look like in the future and what you can expect.


Ryan Lewis

October 27, 2016


  1. the future of node.js ryan lewis @ryanmurakami

  2. Ryan Lewis Engineer @ryanmurakami Contributor Instructor

  3. Node.js is a platform JavaScript is the language what is

  4. C++ Bindings Node Standard Library V8 JavaScript Engine what is

  5. Event-Driven Control Flow Non-Blocking I/O what is node.js?

  6. JavaScript as a “Real” Programming Language 2008 V8 released with

    Google Chrome The Browser Arms Race Begins origin of node.js
  7. Node.js introduced to the world at JSConf.EU Version 0.1 released

    origin of node.js 2009 origin of node.js
  8. 2010 origin of node.js

  9. Benevolent Dictatorship origin of node.js

  10. 2009-2015 Node.js Release Timeline 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2014

    2015 0.1 0.2 0.6 0.3 0.5 0.4 0.7 0.8 0.11 0.10 0.9 merge conflict What happened!?
  11. merge conflict

  12. 4.0 merge conflict

  13. The Foundation merge conflict

  14. where is node.js used?

  15. node.js in the wild JavaScript Automation Web Servers

  16. Serverless node.js in the wild

  17. Desktop Applications node.js in the wild

  18. node.js in the wild Internet of Things Robots

  19. None
  20. the future of node.js is community

  21. Inclusivity Website Streams Build Diagnostics i18n Evangelism Roadmap Docker Addon

    API Benchmarking Post-Mortem Intl HTTP Documentation Testing Node Foundation Working Groups we are all node
  22. we are all node

  23. Node Foundation Incubator Program we are all node Express.js ???

  24. the future of node.js is enterprise

  25. Current Version v7.x node.js, inc.

  26. Say hello to… L T S Long Term Support node.js,

  27. node.js, inc.

  28. First Party Production Utilities node.js, inc.

  29. Native Debugging with Chrome Developer Tools node.js, inc.

  30. Tracing AsyncWrap Heap/Memory Analysis node.js, inc.

  31. Node Foundation Board of Directors Membership node.js, inc.

  32. More companies will invest in Node.js node.js, inc.

  33. Node.js Developer Certification node.js, inc. coming soon!

  34. the future of node.js is cutting-edge

  35. V8 Drives Performance on the edge

  36. on the edge

  37. WebAssembly on the edge

  38. next EcmaScript 2017+ on the edge

  39. the future of node.js is YOU

  40. Questions Contact: ryanhlewis.com @ryanmurakami ? Images in this Presentation from:

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