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Build a "Development for Non-Developers" Course

Build a "Development for Non-Developers" Course

Slides for the workshop ran at SPA Conference 2018

Ivan Sanchez

July 04, 2018

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  1. Two goals for today • Identify knowledge and skills gaps

    within a team ◦ For better communication ◦ To help on delivery • Explore ways of sharing
  2. Pick your post-it colour • Pink if you’re mainly a

    developer • Green if you don’t deal with code at all • Yellow if you do a mix of both On the post-it you have chosen, write down one or two things you’d like to take out from this workshop
  3. Jargon Storming Write down as many words as possible used

    by developers (names of technologies, techniques, practices, tools, methods, common problems), splitting them into 4 quadrants (conception, construction, operation, verification) • Avoid deep diving • Take personal notes of words that caught your attention • Don’t worry too much about the quadrants
  4. Software Delivery Mapping Choose one developer to map how they

    get their code from concept to production in seven steps or less. • Step names in language people can understand • For each step (what): ◦ List its benefits, outcomes, and trade-offs (why) ◦ List all the jargon used (how) • Avoid deep diving • Take personal notes of things you’d like to learn more about
  5. Designing Learning Experiences Create SUP activities: • Short: minutes/hours, rather

    than days/weeks • Useful: give people superpowers • Practical: learn by writing/doing, rather than just reading/watching
  6. Learning Experiences Examples • Create your first website with HTML

    + CSS • Sharing and collaboration using GitHub • Host a website using Heroku • Making and deploying simple UI changes • Make sense of logging and monitoring dashboards • Version control treasure hunt using git • Create your own release pipeline with Travis CI
  7. Design Learning Experiences Using the Software Delivery Map • Choose

    one or two topics that the whole team could benefit from learning more about • Create one or two SUP (short, useful, practical) learning experiences for each of those