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Salimane Adjao Moustapha

August 14, 2013

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  1. Puppet
    Salimane Adjao Moustapha
    [email protected]

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  2. Web app depends on services that should be on the server,
    users access/permissions...

    Capistrano expects folders, rvm to be in a certain location

    You need to deploy many servers with different environments
    on staging, production...

    Doing all that manually and you're setting yourself for “wtf!wtf!

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  3. The idea is to make it repeatable,
    predictable and testable with less
    moving parts...

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  4. Insert Puppet...

    Configuration management framework and

    Ruby based

    GPLv2/Apache licenses

    From PuppetLabs (company)

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  5. Deployment

    Config Language and Resource Abstraction

    Transactional Layer

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  6. Deployment

    – Run as daemon
    – Listen on a port
    – Serve configuration catalogs

    – Connect to master via ssh
    – Retrieve configuration catalog from master
    – Can run as a daemon or manually triggered

    Puppet can also run in stand alone mode

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  7. Config language/ Resource
    file { ['/meltwater', '/meltwater/likealyzer']:
    ensure => directory,
    owner => 'www-data',
    group => 'www-data',
    mode => '0644',
    require => User['www-data'],

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  8. Transactional layer

    Agent uses facter to get details about itself

    Agent send “facts” to Master

    Master recognize, compile configuration
    “catalog” for that agent and send it back

    Agent apply the “catalog” on itself then send a
    result report back

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  9. Configuration

    Node Definition

    Resource Definition

    Module Definition


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  10. Node definition
    node puppet-demo {
    file { ['/meltwater', '/meltwater/likealyzer']:
    ensure => directory,
    owner => 'vagrant',
    group => 'vagrant',
    mode => '0644'

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  11. Resource Definition
    type { name:
    attribute => value,
    package { 'vim':
    ensure => present

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  12. Module Definition

    – files
    – templates
    – tests
    – spec

    – manifests


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  13. Demo time

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  14. Questions

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