What Groups By in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

7beed3a6fa39e12c9e873b903e4d9244?s=47 Sam Julien
September 05, 2019

What Groups By in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

What if I told you that one of the most useful operators in RxJS is also one you probably have never heard of? In this talk, you'll meet the quiet workhorse called "groupBy."

Don't let its understated nature fool you -- groupBy can change your life! The groupBy operator thrives in heavily interactive UIs, like when users rapidly favorite a bunch of items in a list. When combined with some of the other operators like concatMap, groupBy really shines.

In this talk, you'll learn how to harness its power and take your reactive code to the next level. Using a framework-agnostic approach, you'll see how to use groupBy to give users an excellent experience. You'll also learn the *why* behind when to use groupBy and common pitfalls to avoid with it. Of course, you'll also leave with sample code you can take back to work and start building from right away. Viva Las groupBy!


Sam Julien

September 05, 2019