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Building a Learning System

Building a Learning System

Part of being a developer is the need to consistently learn, but it can get overwhelming quickly. You’ve probably got a pile of tutorials you want to read, a long Google doc of technologies to check out, or maybe a collection of video courses gathering digital dust. How do you know what to spend time on? How do you make sure you’re learning effectively? Most importantly, how do you actually start crossing things off of that seemingly endless list of what to learn? In this talk, I’ll share with you what’s been working for me as a self-taught developer turned developer advocate. We’ll talk through the need for a learning system, how to build one customized to your own style of learning, and how to use your learning system to produce measurable results that can help you in your career.

Sam Julien

August 19, 2020

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  1. Top Take-Aways The value of a systematic approach to learning

    Ingredients to predictable and repeatable growth Practical tips on building your learning system
  2. @samjulien Sam Julien samjulien.com Sr. Developer Advocate Engineer at Auth0

    GDE & Angular Collaborator UpgradingAngularJS.com, Thinkster, & egghead @samjulien
  3. Learning as a Developer Overwhelming to know what to learn

    Difficult to cross things off the list Unclear what’s useful (lack of context)
  4. @samjulien “You do not rise to the level of your

    goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” James Clear, Atomic Habits
  5. @samjulien Good news! If you’re working in a dev job

    right now, you’ve already got some version of this in place.
  6. Fun

  7. This can and will look different for you! Focus on

    the concepts. If you don’t think the same way I do, that’s totally awesome. Think of these as signposts.
  8. I need to… build a system with it or fit

    it into an existing system. solve a problem with it. do something small with it. do literally anything with it. Zooming Out While Learning a Framework
  9. Task Manager Examples: OmniFocus, Things, Google Keep Look for: works

    with your brain, ability to add context/tags
  10. The Learning Snapshot Organized by Area Anchor Resource Progress Ancillary

    Resources Project Progress All Notes in One Place
  11. The Learning Snapshot Drafts for quick notes Notion for storing

    and tracking OmniFocus for projects and tasks
  12. Quick Recap: Strategies Think like an explorer Action + Speed

    + Feedback = Growth Systems > Motivation